Psalms 63
1 The psalm of David, when he was in the desert of Judah. God, my God, I wake to thee full early. My soul thirsted to thee; my flesh thirsted to thee full manyfold. In a land forsaken without way, and without water,
2so I appeared to thee in holy; that I should see thy virtue, and thy glory.
3For thy mercy is better than lives or life itself; my lips shall praise thee.
4So I shall bless thee in my life; and in thy name I shall raise mine hands.
5My soul be [ful] filled as with inner fatness and uttermore fatness; and my mouth shall praise with lips of full out joying.
6So I had mind on thee on my bed, in the morrowtides I shall think of thee;
7for thou hast been mine helper. And in the covering of thy wings I shall make full out joy,
8my soul cleaved after thee; thy right hand took me up.
9Forsooth they sought in vain my life, they shall enter into the lower things of earth;
10they shall be betaken into the hands of sword, they shall be made the parts of foxes.
11But the king shall be glad in God; and all men shall be praised that swear in him; for the mouth of them, that speak wicked things, is stopped.

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