Psalms 56
1 To the overcoming, on the dumb culver of far drawing away, the comely song of David, when the Philistines held him in Gath. God, have mercy on me, for a man hath defouled me; all day he impugned, and troubled me.
2Mine enemies defouled me all day; for many fighters were against me.
3Of the highness of day I shall dread; but God, I shall hope in thee.
4In God I shall praise my words; I hoped in God, I shall not dread what thing flesh, or man, shall do to me.
5All day they cursed my words; against me all their thoughts were into evil.
6They shall dwell, and they shall hide; they shall ambush mine heel. As they abide my life,
7for nought shalt thou make them safe; in ire thou shalt break altogether peoples.
8God, I showed my life to thee; thou hast set [or puttest] my tears in thy sight. As and in thy promise, Lord;
9then mine enemies shall be turned aback. In whatever day I shall inwardly call thee; lo! I have known, that thou art my God.
10In God I shall praise a word; in the Lord I shall praise a word.
11I shall hope in God; I shall not dread what thing man shall do to me.
12God, thine avows [or vows] be in me; which I shall yield praisings to thee.
13For thou hast delivered my life from death, and my feet from sliding; that I please before God in the light of them that live.

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