Psalms 51
1 To victory, the psalm of David, when Nathan the prophet came to him, when he entered to Bathsheba. God, have thou mercy on me; by thy great mercy. And by the muchliness of thy merciful doings; do thou away my wickedness.
2Moreover wash thou me from my wickedness; and cleanse thou me from my sin.
3For I acknowledge my wickedness; and my sin is ever[more] against me.
4I have sinned to thee alone, and I have done evil before thee; that thou be justified in thy words, and overcome when thou art deemed.
5For lo! I was conceived in wicked-nesses; and my mother conceived me in sins.
6For lo! thou lovedest truth; thou hast showed to me the uncertain things, and privy things of thy wisdom.
7Lord, sprinkle thou me with hyssop, and I shall be cleansed; wash thou me, and I shall be made white more than snow.
8Give thou joy, and gladness to mine hearing; and bones made meek shall full out make joy.
9Turn away thy face from my sins; and do away all my wickednesses.
10God, make thou a clean heart in me; and make thou new a rightful spirit in my entrails.
11Cast thou me not away from thy face; and take thou not away from me thine holy spirit.
12Give thou to me the gladness of thine health; and confirm thou me with the principal spirit.
13I shall teach wicked men thy ways; and unfaithful men shall be converted to thee.
14God, the God of mine health, deliver thou me from bloods, or sins; and my tongue shall joyfully sing of thy rightfulness [or rightwiseness].
15Lord, open thou my lips; and my mouth shall tell thy praising.
16For if thou haddest would or desired sacrifice, I had given it; truly thou shalt not delight in burnt sacrifice.
17A sacrifice to God is a spirit troubled, that is, sorry for sin; God, thou shalt not despise a contrite heart, and made meek.
18Lord, do thou benignly in thy good will to Zion; that the walls of Jerusalem be builded.
19Then thou shalt take pleasantly the sacrifice of rightfulness [or rightwise-ness], offerings, and burnt sacrifices; then they shall put calves on thine altar.

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