Psalms 50
1 The psalm of Asaph. God, the Lord of gods or God of gods, spake; and called the earth, from the rising of the sun till to the going down.
2The shape of his fairness from Zion, God shall come openly;
3our God, and he shall not be still. Fire shall burn on high in his sight; and a strong tempest in his compass.
4He called heaven above; and the earth, to witness him deem his people.
5Gather ye to him his saints; that ordain his testament above sacrifices.
6And heavens shall show his rightwiseness or tell his rightfulness; for God is the judge.
7My people, hear thou, and I shall speak to Israel; and I shall witness to thee, I am God, thy God.
8I shall not reprove thee in thy sacrifices; and thy burnt sacrifices be ever[more] before me.
9I shall not take calves of thine house; neither goat bucks of thy flocks.
10For all the wild beasts of woods be mine; work beasts, and oxes [or oxen] in hills.
11I have known all the volatiles of the firmament; and the fairness of the field is with me.
12If I shall be hungry, I shall not say to thee; for the world and the fullness thereof is mine.
13Whether I shall eat the flesh of bulls? either shall I drink the blood of goat bucks?
14Offer thou to God the sacrifice of praising; and yield thine avows [or vows] to the highest God.
15And inwardly call thou me in the day of tribulation; and I shall deliver thee, and thou shalt honour me.
16But God said to the sinner, Why tellest thou out my rightfulnesses; and takest my testament by thy mouth?
17Soothly thou hatedest lore, or discipline; and hast cast away my words behind thee.
18If thou sawest a thief, thou rannest with him; and thou settedest thy part with adulterers.
19Thy mouth was plenteous of malice; and thy tongue meddled together guiles [or treacheries].
20Thou sitting spakest against thy brother, and thou settedest slander against the son of thy mother;
21thou didest these things, and I was still. Thou guessedest wickedly, that I shall be like thee; I shall reprove thee, and I shall set against thy face.
22Ye that forget God, understand these things; lest sometime he ravish, and none be that shall deliver.
23The sacrifice of praising shall honour me; and there is the way, wherein I shall show to him the health of God.

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