Psalms 39
1 For victory, to Jeduthun, the psalm of David. I said, I shall keep my ways; that I trespass not in my tongue. I setted [or put] keeping to my mouth; when a sinner stood against me.
2I was dumb, and I was meeked full greatly, and was still, even from goods; and my sorrow was renewed.
3Mine heart was hot within me; and fire shall burn out in my thinking. I spake in my tongue;
4Lord, make thou mine end known to me. And the number of my days, what it is; that I know, what faileth to me.
5Lo! thou hast set [or put] my days measurable; and my substance is as nought before thee. Nevertheless all vanity; each man living.
6Nevertheless a man passeth in an image; but also he is troubled vainly. He treasureth; and he know not, to whom he shall gather those things.
7And now which is mine abiding? whether not the Lord? and my substance is at thee.
8Deliver thou me from all my wickednesses; thou hast given me as a shame to the unknowing.
9I was dumb, and opened not my mouth; for thou hast made this happen,
10remove thou thy wounds from me. From the strength of thine hand I failed in blamings;
11for wickedness thou hast chastised [a] man. And thou madest his life to fail as a spider; nevertheless each man is troubled in vain.
12Lord, hear thou my prayer, and my beseeching; perceive thou with ears my tears. Be thou not still, for I am a comeling with thee; and a pilgrim, as all my fathers.
13Forgive thou to me, that I be refreshed, before that I go; and I shall no more be.

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