Psalms 38
1 The psalm of David, to bethink on the sabbath. Lord, reprove thou not me in thy strong vengeance; neither chastise thou me in thine ire.
2For thine arrows be fixed in me; and thou hast made steadfast thine hand on me.
3None health is in my flesh from the face of thine ire; no peace is to my bones from the face of my sins.
4For my wickednesses be gone over mine head; as an heavy burden, those [or they] be made heavy on me.
5Mine healed wounds were rotten, and be broken; from the face of mine unwisdom.
6I am made a wretch, and I am bowed down till into the end; all day I entered sorrowful.
7For my loins be filled with scorn-ings; and health is not in my flesh.
8I am tormented, and made low full greatly; I roared for the wailing of mine heart.
9Lord, all my desire is before thee; and my wailing is not hid from thee.
10Mine heart is troubled in me, my virtue forsook me; and the light of mine eyes, and it is not with me.
11My friends and my neighbours nighed; and stood against me. And they that were beside me stood afar;
12and they did violence, that sought my life. And they that sought evils to me, spake vanities; and thought guiles [or treacheries] all day.
13But I, as a deaf man, heard not; and as a dumb man not opening his mouth.
14And I am made as a man not hearing; and not having reprovings in his mouth.
15For, Lord, I hoped in thee; my Lord God, thou shalt hear me.
16For I said, Hear me, Lest any time mine enemies have joy on me; and the while my feet be moved/and while my feet were moved, they spake great things on me.
17For I am ready to beatings; and my sorrow is ever[more] in my sight.
18For I shall tell my wickedness; and I shall think for my sin.
19But mine enemies live, and they be confirmed on me; and they be multiplied, that hate me wickedly.
20They that yield evils for goods, backbited me; for I pursued [or followed] goodness.
21My Lord God, forsake thou not me; go thou not away from me.
22Lord God of mine health; behold thou into mine help.

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