Psalms 34
1 To David, when he changed his mouth, or his word, before Abimelech, and he drove out David, and he went forth. [The psalm of David, when he changed his cheer before Abimelech, and he let him go, and he went away.] I shall bless the Lord in all time; ever[more] his praising be in my mouth.
2My soul shall be praised in the Lord; mild men hear, and be glad.
3Magnify ye the Lord with me; and enhance we his name into itself.
4I sought the Lord, and he heard me; and he delivered me from all my tribulations.
5Nigh ye to him, and be ye lighten-ed; and your faces shall not be shamed.
6This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him; and saved him from all his tribulations.
7The angel of the Lord sendeth in the compass of men dreading him; and he shall deliver them.
8Taste ye, and see, for the Lord is sweet; blessed is the man, that hopeth in him.
9All ye holy men of the Lord, dread ye him; for no neediness is to men dreading him.
10Rich men were needy, and were hungry; but men that seek the Lord shall not fail of all good.
11Come, ye sons, hear ye me; I shall teach you the dread of the Lord.
12Who is the man, that willeth or desireth life; that loveth to see good days?
13Forbid thy tongue from evil; and thy lips speak not guile.
14Turn thou away from evil, and do good; seek thou peace, and perfectly pursue thou it.
15The eyes of the Lord be on just [or rightwise] men; and his ears be to their prayers.
16But the cheer of the Lord is on men doing evils; that he lose the mind the memory of them from [the] earth.
17Just [or rightwise] men cried, and the Lord heard them; and delivered them from all their tribulations.
18The Lord is nigh [to] them that be of troubled heart; and he shall save meek men in spirit.
19Many tribulations be of just [or rightwise] men; and the Lord shall deliver them from all these [or them].
20The Lord keepeth all the bones of them; one of those [or them] shall not be broken.
21The death of sinners is worst; and they that hate a just [or rightwise] man shall trespass.
22The Lord shall again-buy the souls of his servants; and all, that hope in him, shall not trespass.

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