Psalms 33
1Ye just [or rightwise] men, have fully joy [or full out joyeth] in the Lord; praising altogether becometh rightful [or right] men.
2Acknowledge ye to the Lord in an harp; sing ye to him in a psaltery of ten strings.
3Sing ye to him a new song; say ye well psalm to him in crying [out].
4For the word of the Lord is rightful [or right]; and all his works be in faithfulness.
5He loveth mercy and doom; the earth is full of the mercy of the Lord.
6Heavens be made steadfast by the word of the Lord; and all the virtue of those [or them] by the spirit of his mouth.
7And he gathered together the waters of the sea as in a bouget or a bottle; and he setteth deep waters in treasures.
8All earth dread the Lord; soothly all men inhabiting the world be moved of him.
9For he said, and things were made; he commanded, and things were made of nought.
10The Lord destroyeth the counsels of folks, forsooth he reproveth the thoughts of peoples; and he reproveth the counsels of princes.
11But the counsel of the Lord dwelleth without end; the thoughts of his heart dwell in generation and into generation.
12Blessed is the folk, whose Lord is his God; the people which he chose into heritage to himself.
13The Lord beheld from heaven; he saw all the sons of men.
14From his dwelling place made ready before; he beheld on all men, that inhabit the earth.
15Which made singularly, either each by himself, the souls of them; which understandeth all the works of them.
16A king is not saved by much virtue, that is, strength; and a giant shall not be saved in the muchliness of his virtue.
17An horse is false to health; for-sooth he shall not be saved in the abundance, either plenty, of his virtue.
18Lo! the eyes of the Lord be on men dreading him; and in them that hope in his mercy.
19That he deliver their souls from death; and feed them in hunger.
20Our soul suffereth the Lord, that is, abideth patiently his will; for he is our helper and defender.
21For our heart shall be glad in him; and we shall have hope in his holy name.
22Lord, thy mercy be made on us; as we hoped in thee.

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