Psalms 32
1 Learning to David. [The under-standing of David.] Blessed be they, whose wickedness be forgiven; and whose sins be covered.
2Blessed is the man, to whom the Lord areckoned not sin; neither guile is in his spirit.
3For I was still, my bones waxed eld; while I cried all day.
4For by day and night thine hand was made grievous on me; I am turned in my wretchedness, while the thorn is set in.
5I made my sin known to thee; and I hid not my unrightfulness. I said, I shall acknowledge against me mine unrightfulness to the Lord; and thou hast forgiven the wickedness of my sin.
6For this thing each holy man shall pray to thee; in covenable time. Nevertheless in the great flood of many waters; they shall not nigh to thee.
7Thou art my refuge from tribulation, that encompassed me; thou, my fully joying [or full out joy], deliver me from them that encompass me.
8I shall give understanding to thee, and I shall teach thee; in this way in which thou shalt go, I shall make steadfast mine eyes on thee.
9Do not ye be made as an horse and mule; to which is none under-standing. Lord, constrain thou the cheeks of them with a barnacle and bridle; that they nigh not to thee.
10Many beatings be of the sinner; but mercy shall encompass him that hopeth in the Lord.
11Ye just [or rightwise] men, be glad, and make fully joy in the Lord; and all ye rightful of heart, have glory.

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