Psalms 28
1 To David. [The psalm to this David.] Lord, I shall cry to thee; my God, be thou not still from me, be thou not still any time from me; and I shall be made like to them, that go down into the pit.
2Lord, hear thou the voice of my beseeching, while I pray to thee; while I raise mine hands toward thine holy temple.
3Betake thou not me together with sinners; and lose thou not me with them that work wickedness. Which speak peace to their neighbours; but evils be in their hearts.
4Give thou to them after the works of them; and after the wickedness of their findings. Give thou to them after the works of their hands; yield thou their yielding to them.
5For they understood not the works of the Lord, and by the works of his hands thou shalt destroy them; and thou shalt not build them.
6Blessed be the Lord; for he heard the voice of my beseeching.
7The Lord is mine helper and my defender; and mine heart hoped in him, and I am helped. And my flesh flowered again; and of my will I shall acknowledge to him.
8The Lord is the strength of his people; and he is the defender of the savings of his christ.
9Lord, make thou safe thy people, and bless thou thine heritage; and rule thou them, and enhance thou them till into without end.

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