Psalms 149
1 Alleluia. Sing ye to the Lord a new song; his praising be in the church of saints.
2Israel be glad in him that made him; and the daughters of Zion make full out joy in their king.
3Praise they his name in a quire or choir; say they psalm to him in a tympan, and psaltery.
4For the Lord is well pleased in his people; and he hath raised mild men into health.
5Saints shall make full out joy in glory; they shall be glad in their beds.
6The full out joyings of God in the throat of them; and swords sharp on both sides in the hands of them.
7To do vengeance in nations; and blamings in peoples.
8To bind the kings of them in stocks; and the noble men of them in iron manacles.
9That they make in them the doom written; this is the glory to all his saints.

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