Psalms 148
1 Alleluia. Ye of heavens, praise the Lord; praise ye him in high things.
2All his angels, praise ye him; all his virtues, praise ye him.
3Sun and moon, praise ye him; all stars and light, praise ye him.
4Heavens of heavens, praise ye him; and the waters that be above heavens,
5praise they the name of the Lord. For he said, and things were made; he commanded, and things were made of nought.
6He ordained those things into the world, and into the world of world; he setted a commandment, and it shall not pass.
7Ye of the earth, praise the Lord; dragons, and all depths of waters.
8Fire, hail, snow, ice, spirits of tempests; that do his word.
9Mountains, and all little hills; trees bearing fruit, and all cedars.
10Wild beasts, and all tame beasts; serpents, and feathered birds.
11The kings of earth, and all peoples; the princes, and all judges of earth.
12Young men, and virgins, eld [or old] men with [the] younger,
13praise the name of the Lord; for the name of him alone is enhanced. His acknowledging be on heaven and earth;
14and he hath enhanced the horn of his people. An hymn be to all his saints; to the children of Israel, to a people nighing to him.

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