Psalms 105
1 Alleluia. Acknowledge ye to the Lord, and inwardly call ye his name; tell ye his works among heathen men#105:1 Compare Psalm 105:1-15 to 1st Chronicles 16:8-22..
2Sing ye to him, and say ye psalm to him, and tell ye all his marvels;
3be ye praised in his holy name. The heart of men seeking the Lord be glad;
4seek ye the Lord, and be ye con-firmed; seek ye ever[more] his face.
5Have ye mind on his marvels, which he did; on his great wonders, and dooms of his mouth.
6The seed of Abraham, his servant; the sons of Jacob, his chosen man.
7He is our Lord God; his dooms be in all the earth.
8He was mindful of his testament into the world; of the word which he commanded into a thousand gener-ations.
9Which he disposed to Abraham; and of his oath to Isaac.
10And he ordained it to Jacob into a commandment; and to Israel into everlasting testament.
11And he said, I shall give to thee the land of Canaan; the cord of your heritage.
12When they were in a little number; and the comelings of them were full few.
13And they passed from folk into folk; and from a realm into another people.
14He left not a man to annoy them; and he chastised kings for them.
15 Saying, Do not ye touch my christs; and do not ye do wickedly among my prophets.
16And God called hunger on earth; and he wasted all the steadfastness of bread.
17He sent a man before them; Joseph was sold into a servant.
18They made low his feet in fetters, iron passed by [or through] his soul;
19till the word of him came. The speech of the Lord enflamed him;
20the king sent and unbound him; the prince of peoples sent and delivered him.
21He ordained him lord of his house; and prince of all his possessions.
22That he should learn [or teach] his princes as himself; and that he should teach his eld [or old] men prudence.
23And Israel entered into Egypt; and Jacob was a comeling in the land of Ham.
24And God increased his people greatly; and made them steadfast on his enemies.
25He turned the heart of them, that they hated his people; and did guile [or treachery] against his servants.
26He sent Moses, his servant; [and] that Aaron, whom he chose.
27He putted [or put] in them to tell and to do the words of his miracles; and of his great wonders in the land of Ham.
28He sent darknesses, and made it dark; and he made not bitter his words.
29He turned the waters of them into blood; and he killed the fishes of them.
30And the land of them gave pad-docks; in the privy places of the kings of them.
31 God said, and a flesh fly [or hound flea] came; and gnats in all the coasts of them.
32He setted [or put] their rains into hail; fire burning in the land of them.
33And he smote the vines of them, and the fig trees of them; and all-brake the trees of the coasts of them.
34He said, and the locust came; and a bruchus of which there was no number.
35And it ate all the hay in the land of them; and it ate all the fruit of the land of them.
36And he killed each the first engen-dered thing in the land of them; the first fruits of all the travail of them.
37And he led out them with silver and gold; and none was sick in the lineages of them.
38Egypt was glad in the going out of them; for the dread of them lay on Egyptians.
39He spreaded abroad a cloud, into the covering of them; and fire, that it shined to them by night.
40They asked, and a curlew came; and he [ful] filled them with the bread of heaven.
41He brake the stone, and waters flowed; floods went forth in the dry place.
42For he was mindful of his holy word; which he had to Abraham, his servant.
43And he led out his people in full out joying; and his chosen men in gladness.
44And he gave to them the countries of heathen men; and they had in possession the travails of peoples.
45That they keep his justifyings; and keep his law.

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