Numbers 31
1And the Lord spake to Moses, and said,
2Avenge thou first the sons of Israel of Midianites, and so thou shalt be gathered to thy people.
3And anon Moses said, Arm ye men of you to battle, that be able to take of the Midianites the vengeance of the Lord.
4Of each lineage be chosen a thousand men of Israel, that shall be sent to battle.
5And of each lineage they gave a thousand, that is, twelve thousand of men, ready to battle;
6which Moses sent forth with Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the priest. And Moses betook to them [the] holy vessels, and trumps to make sound.
7And when they had fought against Midianites, and had overcome them, Israel killed all the males,
8and the kings of them, Evi, and Rekem, and Zur, and Hur, and Reba, five princes of the folk of them. Also Israel killed with sword Balaam, the son of Beor.
9And Israel took the women of them, and their little children, and all their beasts, and all the appurtenance of their household; whatever they might have, they spoiled, that is, destroyed;
10the flame burnt as well the cities, as little towns, and castles.
11And they took prey, and all things which they had taken, as well of men as of beasts,
12and they brought to Moses, and to Eleazar, the priest, and to all the multitude of the sons of Israel. Soothly they bare other useable things to their tents, standing in the field places of Moab, beside Jordan, against Jericho.
13 [And] Moses and Eleazar, the priest, and all the princes of the synagogue, went out into the coming of them, without the tents.
14And Moses was wroth to the princes of the host, to the tribunes, and the centurions, [or leaders of thousands, and governors of hundreds], that came from the battle;
15and he said to them, Why kept ye [the] women?
16whether it be not these that deceived the sons of Israel, at the suggestion of Balaam, and made you to do trespass against the Lord, upon the sin of Peor, wherefore also the people was slain?
17And therefore slay ye all the men, whatever is of male kind, and the little children; and strangle ye the women that have known men fleshly;
18soothly keep ye to you the young damsels, and all women virgins,
19and dwell ye without the tents seven days. He that slayeth a man, or toucheth a slain man, shall be cleansed in the third [day], and the seventh day;
20and of all the prey, whether it is cloth, or vessel, and anything made ready to things pertaining to use, of the skins and hairs of goats, and wood, it shall be cleansed.
21And Eleazar, the priest, spake thus to the men of the host that fought, This is the commandment of the law, which the Lord commanded to Moses,
22The gold, and silver, and brass, and iron, and tin, and lead,
23and all thing that may pass by flame, shall be purged by fire; soothly whatever thing may not suffer fire, shall be hallowed with the water of cleansing.
24And ye shall wash your clothes in the seventh day, and ye shall be cleansed; and afterward ye shall enter into the tents.
25And the Lord said to Moses,
26Take ye the sum or the number of those things that be taken, from man till to beast, thou, and Eleazar, [the] priest, and all the princes of the common people.
27And thou shalt part evenly the prey betwixt them that fought and went out to battle, and betwixt all the other multitude.
28And thou shalt separate a part to the Lord, of them that have fought, and were in battle, one soul of five hundred, as well of men, as of oxen, and of asses, and of sheep.
29And thou shalt give that part to Eleazar, the priest, for those [or they] be the first fruits of the Lord.
30Also of the half part of the sons of Israel, thou shalt take the fiftieth head of men, and of oxen, and of asses, and of sheep, and of all living beasts; and thou shalt give those [or them] to the deacons [or Levites], that wake in the keepings of the tabernacle of the Lord.
31And Moses and Eleazar did, as the Lord commanded.
32Forsooth the prey which the host had taken, was six hundred and five and seventy thousand of sheep,
33of oxen, two and seventy thousand,
34of asses, sixty thousand and a thousand;
35the souls of the persons of women-kind, that knew not men, were two and thirty thousand.
36And the half part was given to them that were in the battle, of sheep three hundred seven and thirty thousand, and five hundred;
37of which six hundred five and seventy sheep were numbered into the part of the Lord;
38and of six and thirty thousand oxen, two and seventy oxen;
39and of thirty thousand asses and five hundred, one and sixty asses;
40of [the] sixteen thousand persons of men, two and thirty persons befelled into the part of the Lord.
41And Moses betook the number of the first fruits of the Lord to Eleazar, the priest, as it was commanded to him,
42of the half part of the sons of Israel, which he parted to them that were in battle.
43And of the half part that befelled to the tother multitude, that is, of three hundred seven and thirty thousand sheep and five hundred,
44and of six and thirty thousand oxen,
45and of thirty thousand asses and five hundred,
46and of sixteen thousand women,
47Moses took the fiftieth head, and he gave them to the deacons [or Levites], that wake or watch in the tabernacle of the Lord, as the Lord commanded.
48And when the princes of the host, and the tribunes [or the leaders of thousands], and the centurions [or rulers of hundreds] had nighed to Moses,
49they said, We thy servants have told or totalled the number of fighters, which we had under our hand, or power, and soothly not one failed;
50for which cause we offer, or bring, to thee free gifts of the Lord, all by ourselves, that that we might find of gold in the prey, girdles for the women’s middles, and bies of the arms, and rings, and ornaments of the arm nigh the hand, and bies of the necks of women, that thou pray the Lord for us.
51And Moses and Eleazar, the priest, took all the gold in diverse kinds,
52by the weight of the saintuary, sixteen thousand seven hundred and fifty shekels, of the tribunes [or the leaders of thousands], and the centurions [or rulers of hundreds].
53For that that each man ravished in the prey, was his own;
54and they bare the gold taken into the tabernacle of witnessing, into mind of the sons of Israel, before the Lord.

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