Exodus 9
1Forsooth the Lord said to Moses, Enter thou to Pharaoh, and speak thou to him, The Lord God of Hebrews saith these things, Deliver thou my people, that it make sacrifice to me;
2that if thou forsakest yet, and withholdest them,
3lo! mine hand shall be on thy fields, on the horses, and asses, and camels, and oxen, and sheep, a pestilence full grievous;
4and the Lord shall make a marvellous thing betwixt the possessions of Israel and the possessions of the Egyptians, that utterly nothing perish of these things that pertain to the sons of Israel.
5And the Lord ordained a time, and said, Tomorrow the Lord shall do this word in the land.
6Therefore the Lord made this word in the tother day, and all the living beasts of the Egyptians were dead; forsooth utterly nothing perished of the beasts of the sons of Israel.
7And Pharaoh sent to see, neither anything was dead of these things which Israel wielded; and the heart of Pharaoh was made full grievous, and he delivered not the people.
8And the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, Take ye your hands full of ashes of a chimney, and Moses sprinkle it into heaven before Pharaoh;
9and be there dust on all the land of Egypt; for why botches shall be in men, and in work beasts, and swelling bladders shall be in all the land of Egypt.
10And they took ashes of a chimney, and they stood before Pharaoh; and Moses sprinkled it into heaven; and wounds of swelling bladders were made in men, and in work beasts;
11and the witches might not stand before Moses, for the wounds, or sores, that were in them, and in all the land of Egypt.
12And the Lord made hard the heart of Pharaoh, and he heard not them, as the Lord spake to Moses.
13Also the Lord said to Moses, Rise thou early, and stand before Pharaoh, and thou shalt say to him, The Lord God of Hebrews saith these things, Deliver thou my people, that it make sacrifice to me;
14for in this time I shall send all my vengeances on thine heart, and on thy servants, and on thy people, that thou know, that none is like me in all [the] earth.
15For now I shall hold forth mine hand, and I shall smite thee and thy people with pestilence, and thou shalt perish from the earth;
16forsooth therefore I have set thee, that I show my strength in thee, and that my name be told in each land.
17Yet thou withholdest my people, and wilt not deliver it?
18Lo! tomorrow, in this same hour, I shall rain full much hail, what manner hail was not in Egypt, from the day in which it was founded, till into this present time.
19Therefore send thou right now, and gather thy work beasts, and all things that thou hast in the field; for men, and work beasts, and all things that be in fields withoutforth, and be not gathered from the fields, and [the] hail fall on those [or them], they shall die.
20He that dreaded the word of the Lord, of the servants of Pharaoh, made his servants and work beasts flee into houses;
21soothly he that despised the Lord’s word, left his servants and his work beasts in the fields.
22And the Lord said to Moses, Hold forth thine hand into heaven, that hail be made in all the land of Egypt, on men, and on work beasts, and on each herb of the field in the land of Egypt.
23And Moses held forth the rod into heaven; and the Lord gave thunders, and hail, and lightnings running about on the land; and the Lord rained hail on the land of Egypt;
24and hail and fire meddled [or mingled] together were borne forth; and it was of so much greatness, how great appeared never before in all the land of Egypt, since that people was made.
25And the hail smote in all the land of Egypt all things that were in the fields, from man till to work beast; and the hail smote all the herb of the field, and brake all the flax of the country;
26only the hail felled not in the land of Goshen, where the sons of Israel were.
27And Pharaoh sent, and called Moses and Aaron, and said to them, I have sinned also now; the Lord is just [or rightwise], and I and my people be wicked;
28pray ye the Lord, that the thunders and hail of God cease, and I shall deliver you, and dwell ye no more here.
29Moses said, When I shall go out of the city, I shall hold forth mine hands to the Lord, and [the] lightnings and thunders shall cease, and hail shall not be, that thou know, that the earth is the Lord’s;
30forsooth I know, that thou and thy servants dread not yet the Lord [God].
31Therefore the flax and barley was hurt, for the barley was green, and the flax had burgeoned then knops;
32forsooth wheat and beans were not hurt, for those [or they] were late sown.
33And Moses went out from Pharaoh, and from the city, and held forth his hands to the Lord, and thunders and hail ceased, and [the] rain dropped no more on the earth.
34Soothly Pharaoh saw that the rain had ceased, and the hail, and thunders, and he increased sin; and the heart of him, and of his servants, was made grievous,
35and his heart was made hard greatly; neither he let go the sons of Israel, as the Lord commanded by the hand of Moses.

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