Exodus 39
1Forsooth of jacinth, and purple, vermilion, and bis, he made [the] clothes in which Aaron was clothed, when he ministered in [the] holy things, as the Lord commanded to Moses.
2Therefore he made the cloth on the shoulders [or cape] of gold, jacinth, and purple, and of red silk twice-dyed, and of bis folded again, by work of embroidery;
3also he cut thin golden plates, and made thin into threads, that those [or they] may be folded again, with the warp of the former colours;
4and he made twain [or two] hems coupled to themselves together, in ever either side of the ends;
5and he made a girdle of the same colours, as the Lord commanded to Moses.
6And he made ready two onyx stones, bound and enclosed in gold, and engraved by the craft of a worker in gems with the names of the sons of Israel;
7six names in one stone, and six in the tother stone, by the order of their birth. And he set those stones in the sides of the cloth on the shoulders [or cape], into a memorial of the sons of Israel, as the Lord commanded to Moses.
8He made also the rational, by work of embroidery, by the work of the cloth on the shoulders [or cape], of gold, jacinth, purple, and red silk twice-dyed, and of bis folded again;
9 he made the rational four-cornered, double, of the measure of four fingers.
10And he set therein four orders of gems; in the first order was sardius, topaz, smaragdus;
11in the second order was car-buncle, sapphire, jasper;
12in the third order was ligure, agate, amethyst;
13in the fourth order was crystallite, onyx, and beryl; compassed and enclosed with gold, by their orders.
14And those twelve stones were engraved with [the] twelve names of the lineages of Israel, all the stones by themselves, by the names of all the lineages by themselves.
15They made also in the rational, little chains, cleaving to themselves together, of purest gold,
16and twain [or two] hooks, and so many rings of gold.
17Forsooth they setted the rings on ever either side of the rational,
18on which rings [the] two golden chains hanged, which they setted in the hooks, that stood forth in the corners of the cloth on the shoulders [or cape].
19These accorded so to themselves, both before and behind, that the cloth on the shoulders [or cape], and the rational,
20were knitted together, and fastened to the girdle,
21and coupled full strongly with the rings, which rings a lace of jacinth joined together, lest they were loosened, and slackened, and were moved each from other; as the Lord commanded to Moses.
22They made also a coat on the shoulders, or alb, all of jacinth;
23and the hood, or the amice, in the higher part, about the midst, and a woven hem, by the compass of the hood;
24forsooth beneath at the feet they made pineapples of jacinth, and purple, and vermilion, and bis folded again;
25and they made little bells of purest gold, which they setted betwixt the pomegranates, in the hem of the alb, by compass;
26a golden little bell, and a pine-apple; with which the bishop went adorned, when he was set in service, as the Lord commanded to Moses.
27They made also coats of bis, that is, linen clothes, by woven work, to Aaron and to his sons,
28and mitres with small crowns of bis, and linen clothes of bis;
29forsooth they made a girdle of bis folded again, of jacinth, purple, and vermilion, parted by craft of embroidery, as the Lord commanded to Moses.
30They made also a plate of holy worshipping, of purest gold, and they wrote therein by the craft of an engraver in gems, The Holy of the Lord.
31And they bound it with the mitre by a lace of jacinth, as the Lord commanded to Moses.
32Therefore all the work of the tabernacle, and the covering of the witnessing, was performed; and the sons of Israel did all things which the Lord commanded to Moses.
33And they offered the tabernacle, and the roof, and all the appurtenances, rings, boards, bars, and pillars, and the bases;
34the covering of skins of rams made red, and another covering of skins of jacinth; the veil,
35the ark, the bars, and the propitiatory;
36the board with vessels, and with the loaves of setting forth;
37the candlestick, lanterns, and the appurtenances of those, with [the] oil;
38the golden altar, and the ointment, and [the] incense of sweet smelling spiceries [or spices]; and the curtain in the entering of the tabernacle;
39the brazen altar, [the] griddle, bars, and all the vessels thereof; the great washing vessel, with his found-ament;
40the curtains of the great entry, and the pillars with their bases; the curtain in the entering of the great porch, and the cords, and the stakes thereof. Nothing of the vessels failed, that was commanded to be made into [the] service of the tabernacle, and into the roof of the bond of peace.
41Also the sons of Israel offered the clothes which the priests, that is, Aaron and his sons, use in the saintuary,
42as the Lord commanded.
43And after that Moses saw all those things fulfilled, he blessed them.

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