Exodus 34
1And afterward God said, Hew to thee two tables of stone at the like-ness of the former, and I shall write on those tables those words, which the tables, that thou brakest, had.
2Be thou ready in the morrowtide, that thou go up anon into the hill of Sinai; and thou shalt stand with me on the top of the hill;
3no man go up with thee, neither any man be seen by all the hill; and oxen and sheep be not fed against the hill.
4Therefore Moses hewed two tables of stone, which manner the tables were before, and he rose by night, and went up into the hill of Sinai, as the Lord commanded to him; and he bare with him the tables.
5And when the Lord had come down by a cloud, Moses stood with him, and called inwardly the name of the Lord;
6and when the Lord passed before him, he said, Lordshipper, Lord God, merciful, and pious, patient, and of much mercy doing, and soothfast,
7which keepest covenant and mercy into thousands, which doest away wickedness, and trespasses, and sins, and no man by himself is innocent with thee, which yieldest the wicked-ness of fathers to their sons, and to the sons of their sons, into the third and the fourth generation.
8And hastily Moses was bowed low to [the] earth, and worshipped,
9and said, Lord, if I have found grace in thy sight, I beseech thee, that thou go with us, for the people is of hard noll; and that thou do away our wickednesses and sins, and wield us.
10The Lord answered, I shall make covenant, and in sight of all men I shall make signs, that were never seen on [the] earth, neither in any folks, that this people, in whose midst thou art, see the fearedful work of the Lord, that I shall make.
11Keep thou all things, which I command to thee today; I myself shall cast out before thy face Amorites, and Canaanites, and Hittites, and Perizzites, and Hivites, and Jebusites.
12Beware, lest any time thou join friendships with the dwellers of that land, which friendships be into falling to thee.
13But also destroy thou their altars, break the images, and cut thou down their [maumet] woods;
14do not thou worship an alien God; a jealous lover is the Lord’s name, God is a fervent lover;
15make thou not covenant with the men of those countries, lest when they have done fornication, that is, idolatry, with their gods, and have worshipped the simulacra of them, any man call thee, that thou eat of the things offered to an idol.
16Neither thou shalt take a wife of their daughters to thy sons, lest after those daughters have done fornication, that is, idolatry, they make also thy sons to do fornication into their gods.
17Thou shalt not make to thee molten gods.
18Thou shalt keep the solemnity of therf loaves; seven days thou shalt eat therf loaves, as I commanded to thee, in the time of the month of new fruits; for in the month of ver or spring time thou wentest out of Egypt.
19All thing of male kind that open-eth the womb shall be mine, of all living beasts, as well of oxen, as of sheep, it shall be mine.
20Thou shalt again-buy with a sheep the first engendered of an ass, else if thou givest not [the] price therefore, it shall be slain. Thou shalt again-buy the first begotten of thy sons; neither thou shalt appear void in my sight.
21Six days thou shalt work, in the seventh day thou shalt cease to ear and to reap.
22Thou shalt make to thee the solemnity of weeks, in the first things of fruits of thy ripe corn of wheat, and the solemnity when all things be gathered into barns, when the time of the year cometh again#34:22 See Exodus 23:16, and footnote #7..
23Each male kind of thee shall appear in three times of the year in the sight of the Lord Almighty, thy God of Israel.
24For when I shall take away folks from thy face, and I shall alarge thy terms, none shall set treasons to thy land, while thou goest up, and appearest in the sight of thy Lord God, thrice in the year.
25Thou shalt not offer on sour-dough the blood of my sacrifice, neither anything of the slain sacrifice of the solemnity of pask shall abide unto the morrowtide.
26Thou shalt offer in the house of thy Lord God the first of the fruits of thy land. Thou shalt not seethe a kid in the milk of his mother.
27And the Lord said to Moses, Write thou these words, by which I smote a bond of peace, both with thee and with Israel.
28Therefore Moses was there with the Lord by forty days and forty nights, and he ate not bread, and drank not water; and he wrote in [the] tables the ten words of the bond of peace.
29And when Moses came down from the hill of Sinai, he held in his hands two tables of witnessing, and he wist not that his face was horned with wonderful shining beams, of the fellowship of God’s word.
30Forsooth Aaron and the sons of Israel saw Moses’ face horned, and they dreaded to nigh [or come] nigh,
31and they were called of him, and they turned again, as well Aaron as the princes of the synagogue; and after that Moses spake,
32they came to him, yea all the sons of Israel; to which he commanded all things, which he had heard of the Lord in the hill of Sinai.
33And when the words were fulfilled, he put a veil on his face;
34and he entered to the Lord, and spake with him, and he did away that veil, till he went out; and then he spake to the sons of Israel all things that were commanded to him;
35which saw that the face of Moses going out was horned, but again he covered his face, if any time he spake to them.

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