Exodus 29
1But also thou shalt do this, that they be made sacred to me in priest-hood; take thou a calf of the drove, and two rams without wem,
2and therf loaves, and a cake with-out sourdough, which be sprinkled altogether with oil, and therf pastes sodden in water, balmed, either fried, with oil; thou shalt make all these things of pure wheat flour,
3and thou shalt offer them put in a basket. Forsooth thou shalt present the calf, and [the] two rams,
4and Aaron and his sons, at the door of the tabernacle of witnessing; and when thou hast washed the father and his sons in water,
5thou shalt clothe Aaron with his clothes, that is, the linen cloth, and coat, and the cloth on the shoulders [or cape], and the rational, which thou shalt bind with a girdle.
6And thou shalt set the mitre on his head, and the holy plate on the mitre,
7and thou shalt shed [or pour] the oil of anointing on his head; and by this custom he shall be made sacred.
8Also thou shalt present his sons, and thou shalt clothe them with linen clothes,
9and thou shalt gird Aaron and his sons with a girdle; and thou shalt set mitres on them; and they shall be my priests by everlasting religion. [And] After that thou hast hallowed their hands,
10also thou shalt present the calf before the tabernacle of witnessing; and Aaron and his sons shall put their hands upon the calf’s head;
11and thou shalt slay it in the sight of the Lord, beside the door of the tabernacle of witnessing.
12And thou shalt take the blood of the calf, and thou shalt put it with thy finger upon the corners of the altar. Forsooth thou shalt shed [or pour] the other blood that is left beside the foundament or base of the altar.
13And thou shalt take all the fatness that covereth the entrails, and the caul of the maw, and the two kidneys, and the fatness that is on them; and thou shalt offer them as incense upon the altar.
14Forsooth thou shalt burn without-forth the tents the flesh of the calf, and the skin, and the dung, for it is slain for sin.
15Also thou shalt take one ram, on whose head Aaron and his sons shall set hands;
16and when thou hast slain that ram, thou shalt take of his blood, and shalt shed [or pour] it about the altar.
17Forsooth thou shalt cut that ram into small gobbets, and thou shalt put his entrails washed, and his feet, upon his flesh carved, and upon his head;
18and thou shalt offer thus all the ram into incense on the altar; it is an offering to the Lord, the sweetest odour of the slain sacrifice of the Lord.
19And thou shalt take the tother ram, on whose head Aaron and his sons shall set their hands;
20and when thou hast offered that ram, thou shalt take of his blood, and thou shalt put it upon the last part of the right ear of Aaron, and of his sons, and upon the thumbs of their right hand, and the big toes of their right foot; and thou shalt shed [or pour] the blood on the altar by compass.
21And when thou hast taken of the blood, that is on the altar, and of the oil of anointing, thou shalt sprinkle Aaron and his clothes, [and] his sons and their clothes. And when they and their clothes be made sacred,
22thou shalt take the inner fatness of the ram, and the tail, and the fatness that covereth the entrails, and the caul of the maw, and the two kidneys, and the fatness that is on them; and thou shalt take the right shoulder, for it is the ram of consecration;
23and thou shalt take a tender cake of one loaf, sprinkled with oil, and the paste that is sodden in water, and after fried in oil, of the pannier of therf loaves, which is set in the sight of the Lord.
24And thou shalt put all these things upon the hands of Aaron, and of his sons, and thou shalt hallow them, and raise them [up] before the Lord.
25And thou shalt take all these things from their hands, and thou shalt burn them on the altar, into burnt sacrifice, [the] sweetest odour in the sight of the Lord, for it is the offering of the Lord.
26Also thou shalt take the breast of the ram, by which Aaron was hallowed, and thou shalt hallow it, raised [up] before the Lord; and it shall turn into thy part.
27And thou shalt hallow also the breast made sacred, and the shoulder which thou separatedest from the ram, by which Aaron was hallowed, and his sons;
28and they shall turn into the part of Aaron, and of his sons, by everlasting right, of the sons of Israel; for they be the first things, and the beginning/s of the peaceable sacrifices of them, which they offer to the Lord.
29Forsooth the sons of Aaron shall have after him the holy clothes, which Aaron shall use, that they be anointed therein, and that their hands be made sacred.
30That of his sons, that shall be made bishop for him, shall use that cloth seven days, and which son shall enter into the tabernacle of witnessing, that he minister in the saintuary.
31And soothly thou shalt take the wether of hallowing, that is, the ram of consecration, and thou shalt seethe his flesh in the holy place,
32which flesh Aaron and his sons shall eat, and they shall eat the loaves, that be in the basket, in the porch of the tabernacle of witnessing,
33that it be a pleasing sacrifice, and that the hands of the offerers be hallowed. An alien shall not eat of these things, for they be holy.
34That if anything leaveth of the flesh hallowed, either of the loaves, till to the morrowtide, thou shalt burn the remnants with fire; they shall not be eaten, for they be hallowed.
35Thou shalt do on Aaron, and on his sons, all things which I commanded to thee. Seven days thou shalt make sacred their hands,
36and thou shalt offer a calf for sin by each day to cleanse; and thou shalt cleanse the altar, when thou hast offered the sacrifice of cleansing, and thou shalt anoint the altar into [the] hallowing of it.
37Seven days thou shalt cleanse and hallow the altar, and it shall be the holy of holy things; each man that shall touch it shall be hallowed.
38This it is, that thou shalt do in the altar; two lambs of one year continually by each day,
39one lamb in the morrowtide, and the tother in the eventide;
40 thou shalt do in one lamb the tenth part of flour sprinkled with oil, pounded, that shall have a measure, the fourth part of hin, that is, of two pounds, and wine of the same measure, to make the flowing sacrifice.
41Soothly thou shalt offer the tother lamb at eventide, by the custom of the offering of the morrowtide, and by those things, which we said, into the odour of sweetness;
42it is a sacrifice to the Lord by everlasting offering into your gener-ations, at the door of the tabernacle of witnessing before the Lord, where I shall ordain that I speak to thee;
43and there I shall command to the sons of Israel; and the altar shall be hallowed in my glory.
44And I shall hallow also the tabernacle of witnessing with the altar, and Aaron and his sons, that they be set in priesthood to me.
45And I shall dwell in the midst of the sons of Israel, and I shall be God to them;
46and they shall know, that I am their Lord God, which led them out of the land of Egypt, that I should dwell among them; for I am their Lord God.

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