Exodus 25
1And the Lord spake to Moses, and said,
2Speak thou to the sons of Israel, that they take to me the first fruits; of each man that offereth willfully, ye shall take those [things].
3Forsooth these things it be, which ye shall take, gold, and silver, and brass,
4and jacinth, and purple, and red silk twice-dyed, and bis, that is, white silk, [and] hairs of goats,
5and skins of wethers made red, and skins of jacinth, and wood of shittim,
6and oil to lights to be ordained, sweet smelling spiceries into ointment, and incense of good odour,
7onyx stones, and gems to adorn ephod, that is, a chasuble, and the rational, that is, an ouch hanging on the priest’s breast, in which was written doom and truth.
8And they shall make a saintuary to me, and I shall dwell in the midst of them,
9by all the likeness of the taber-nacle that I shall show to thee, and of all the vessels of [the] adorning thereof.
10And thus ye shall make it; join together an ark, or a coffer, of the wood of shittim, whose length shall have two cubits and an half, the breadth shall have one cubit and an half, the height in like manner one cubit and an half.
11And thou shalt overgild it with cleanest gold within and without; and thou shalt make a golden crown above by compass,
12and four golden rings, which thou shalt set by [the] four corners of the ark; two rings be in [the] one side, and two rings in the other side.
13Also thou shalt make bars of the wood of shittim, and thou shalt cover them with gold,
14and thou shalt bring in by the rings that be in the sides of the ark, that it be borne in them,
15the which bars shall ever[more] be in the rings, neither they shall any time be drawn out of them.
16And thou shalt put into the ark the witnessing, that is, law, which I shall give to thee.
17And thou shalt make a propiti-atory#25:17 Also known as ‘God’s answering place’ and ‘the mercy seat’. of cleanest gold; that is, a table covering the ark, [or a place of purchasing mercy]; the length thereof shall hold two cubits and an half, [and] the breadth shall hold one cubit and an half.
18Also thou shalt make on ever either side of God’s answering place, two cherubims [or cherubim] of gold, and beaten out with an hammer;
19one cherub be on one side of God’s answering place, and the tother in the tother side; cover they ever either side of the propitiatory,
20and hold they forth their wings, and cover they God’s answering place; and behold they themselves together, while their faces be turned in to the propitiatory,
21with which the ark of the Lord shall be covered, in which ark thou shalt put the witnessing [or the testimony], that is, the tables of the law, that I shall give to thee.
22From thence I shall command, and I shall speak to thee above the propitiatory, that is, from the midst of [the] two cherubims [or cherubim], that shall be on the ark of witnessing, all things which I shall command by thee to the sons of Israel.
23Also thou shalt make a board of the wood of shittim, having two cubits of length, and one cubit of broadness, and one cubit and an half in height.
24And thou shalt overgild the board with most pure gold, and thou shalt make to it a golden brink about;
25and thou shalt make to that brink a crown raised betwixt four fingers high, and thou shalt make on that another little golden crown.
26And thou shalt make ready four golden rings, and thou shalt put them in [the] four corners of the same board, by all the feet thereof.
27Under the crown shall be golden rings, that the bars be put through them, and so the table may be borne.
28Thou shalt make the bars of the wood of shittim, and thou shalt com-pass them with gold to bear the board.
29And thou shalt make ready vessels of vinegar, and vials, and censers, and cups of purest gold, in which flowing sacrifices shall be offered.
30And thou shalt set on the board loaves of proposition, or of setting forth, in my sight ever[more].
31And thou shalt make a candle-stick beaten out with an hammer, of cleanest gold, [and] thou shalt make the shaft thereof, and [the] rods, and cups, and little roundels [or balls], and lilies coming forth thereof.
32Six rods shall go out of the sides of it, three of the one side, and three of the other.
33Three cups as in the manner of a nut by each rod, and [the] little roundels [or balls] together, and a lily, and in like manner three cups at the likeness of a nut in the tother rod, and little roundels together, and a lily; this shall be the work of six rods, that shall be brought forth [out] of the candlestick shaft.
34Forsooth in that candlestick shall be four cups in the manner of a nut, and little roundels [or balls] and lilies by each cup;
35and the little roundels [or balls] shall be under two rods by three places, the which rods altogether be made six, coming forth of one shaft;
36and therefore the little roundels and the rods thereof shall be all beaten out with an hammer, of cleanest gold.
37And thou shalt make seven lanterns, and thou shalt set them on the candlestick, that they shine even against each other.
38Also tongs to snuff the candles, and the vessels where those snuffs, that be snuffed out, be quenched, be made of cleanest gold.
39All the weight of the candlestick with all his vessels shall have, or weigh, a talent of cleanest gold.
40Behold thou, and make all things by the exemplar, which is showed to thee in the hill.

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