Deeds (Act) of Apostles 24
1And after five days, Ananias, prince of priests, came down with some elder men, and Tertullus, a fair speaker, [or an orator, or an advocate], which went to the president against Paul.
2And when Paul was summoned, Tertullus began to accuse him, and said, When in much peace we do by thee, and many things be amended by thy wisdom,
3evermore and everywhere, thou best Felix, we have received with all doing of thankings.
4But lest I tarry thee longer, I pray thee, shortly hear us for thy meekness.
5We have found this wicked man stirring dissension, to all Jews in all the world, and author of dissension of the sect of Nazarenes; [We have found this man bearing venom, or pestilence, and stirring sedition, or dissention, to all the Jews in all the world, and author of sedition of the sect of Nazarenes;]
6and he also endeavoured to defoul the temple; whom also we took, and would deem after our law.
7But Lysias, the tribune, came above with great strength, and delivered him from [or out of] our hands;
8and commanded his accusers to come to thee, of whom thou deem-ing, mayest know of all these things, of which we accuse him.
9And Jews put to, and said, that these things had them so.
10And Paul answered, when the president granted him to say, Of many years I know thee, that thou art doomsman to this folk, and I shall do enough for me with good reason.
11For thou mayest know, for to me be not more [or no more] than twelve days, since I came up to worship in Jerusalem;
12and neither in the temple they found me disputing with any man, neither making concourse of the people, neither in the synagogues, neither in city;
13neither they may prove to thee, of the which things they now accuse me.
14But I acknowledge to thee this thing, that after the sect which they say heresy, so I serve to God the Father, believing to all things that be written in the law and prophets;
15and I have hope in God, which also they themselves abide, the again-rising to coming [or to come] of just men and wicked.
16In this thing I study without hurting, to have conscience to God, and to men evermore.
17But after many years, I came to do alms-deeds to my folk, and offerings, and avows [or vows];
18in which they found me purified in the temple, not with company, neither with noise. And they caught me, and they cried, and said, Take away our enemy. And some Jews of Asia,
19which [or whom] it behooved to be now present at thee, and accuse, if they had anything against me,
20either these themselves say, if they found in me anything of wicked-ness, since I stand in the council,
21but only of this [one] voice, by which I cried standing among them, For of the again-rising of dead men I am deemed this day of you.
22Soothly Felix delayed [or deferred] them, and knew most certainly of the way, and said, When Lysias, the tribune, shall come down, I shall hear you.
23And he commanded to a centurion to keep him, and that he had rest [or to have rest], neither to forbid any man to minister of his own things to him.
24And after some days Felix came, with Drusilla his wife, that was a Jewess, and called Paul, and heard of him the faith that is in Christ Jesus.
25And while he disputed of right-wiseness, and chastity, and of doom to coming [or to come], Felix was made trembling, and answered, That pertaineth now, go; but in time covenable, I shall call thee.
26Also he hoped, that money should be given to him of Paul; for which thing again [or oft] he called him, and spake with him.
27And when two years were [ful]-filled, Felix took a successor, Porcius Festus; and Felix would [or willing to] give grace to the Jews, and left Paul bound.

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