Psalms 121
Psalm 121
A song to sing as we climb.
Only God can keep me safe #121:1 If you travelled to Jerusalem, you would go through dangerous places. There might be robbers in the hills. God is the only one who can keep us safe. He is always awake and he is always ready to help us.
1As I travel, I look up towards the hills.
I will find no help there.
2My help comes from the Lord.
He made the heaven and the earth.
3He will take care of you,
so that you do not fall.
The one who keeps you safe will not sleep.
4Yes! The Lord keeps Israel's people safe.
He never gets tired or sleeps at all!
5The Lord is the one that keeps you safe.
He is close beside you to give you shade from the hot sun.
6The hot sun will not hurt you in the daytime.
At night, the moon cannot hurt you.
7The Lord is the one who takes care of you in all danger.
He keeps your life safe.
8Whatever you do and wherever you go,
the Lord will always keep you safe,
now and for ever.