Proverbs 13
Chapter 13
1A wise son listens to the words of his father. And he does what his father says. But a silly person refuses to listen to anyone. Someone may tell him that he is doing wrong things. But he thinks that it is not important. He laughs about it.
2Good people will get good things for what they say. Bad people like to fight.
3The man who is careful with his words keeps his life safe. But the man who is careless with his words destroys himself.
4A lazy person may want something, but he will not get it. A person who does a lot of work will receive many good things.
5 Honest people hate to speak false words. But the words of bad people make them ashamed. And nobody likes those people.
6When good people do right things, it keeps them safe. But when sinners do bad things, it causes them trouble.
7Some people want other people to think that they are rich. But really, they have nothing. Other people want people to think that they are poor. But really, they have a lot of money.
8A rich man must use his money to save his life. But a poor man has no reason to think that he might lose his life.
9Good people seem to shine like a bright light. But bad people are like a light that is going out.
10A man may think that he is great. But he only causes quarrels. But the man who listens to good words is wise.
11If you have not received your money in an honest way, you will lose it. The man who works to get his money slowly sees it grow.
12Someone may not receive what he hopes for. So he is very sad. But he may get what he wants. If he does, he is very happy.
13Do not refuse to listen to wise words. If you do, trouble will destroy you. If you obey wise words, good things will happen to you.
14The words of wise men are like the water that gives life. They will help you when you might lose your life.
15People like anyone who speaks wise words. But the person that you cannot trust will be in trouble in the end.
16Careful people think before they do anything. Silly people let everybody see how silly they are.
17A bad man brings a message and he causes trouble to himself. But you can trust other people to take a message. And they cause you to feel better.
18If a man refuses to learn he will be poor. He seems like a fool. But you may tell another man that he is doing wrong things. And he may listen to you. He may think that your words are important. People will think that he is a great man.
19How good it is to get what you want! But silly people hate to turn away from what is bad.
20The man who has wise friends will be wise. The man who has silly friends will be in trouble in the end.
21Trouble seems to follow sinners, but good people will receive good things.
22When a good man dies, his grandchildren get his money. But a sinner's money will go to those who are good.
23A poor man may have a lot of food from his farm. But a bad man near to him may destroy it.
24If you do not punish your son, you do not love him. If you do love him, you will punish him.
25The good man has enough food to eat, but bad men are always hungry.