Numbers 9
Chapter 9
1The LORD spoke to Moses in the desert called Sinai. The Israelites had left the country called Egypt. It was the second year after the Israelites had left Egypt. It was the first month during that year. The LORD said, 2‘The Israelites must eat the Passover at the proper time. They must eat it as the rules about it say. 3The proper time is during the evening of the 14th day of this month. It is when it starts to become dark. That is when you must eat it. You must obey all its rules and its laws.’
4So Moses told the Israelites that they should eat the Passover. 5So they ate the Passover in the first month, on the 14th day when it started to become dark. That was in the desert called Sinai. The Israelites did everything that the LORD had said to Moses about it.
6But there were some people who were not clean. That was because they had touched a dead body. So they could not eat the Passover on that day. So they came to Moses and Aaron on that day. 7And those people said to Moses, ‘We are not clean because of the dead body that we touched. But we would like to bring our gift to LORD at the proper time with the other Israelites.’
8So Moses said to them, ‘Wait. Then I will ask the LORD about this.’
9Then the LORD said to Moses, 10‘Say to the Israelites, “Anyone among you or your descendants may become not clean because of a dead body. Or they may be away because they are travelling. They can still celebrate the Passover to the LORD. 11They must celebrate it during the evening of the 14th day of the second month. They must eat it when it starts to become dark. They must eat it with bread and with bitter herbs. The bread must not have yeast in it. 12They must not keep any of the food until the next morning. And they must not break any of the bones of the lamb. And they must obey all the rules about the Passover. 13But perhaps a clean person who is at home does not celebrate the Passover. You must make that person separate from his people. That is because he did not give the proper sacrifices to LORD at the proper time. So that person must have the punishment for that sin.
14People from foreign countries can celebrate the LORD's Passover too if they are living among you. But they must obey all the rules about the Passover. The rules are the same for a foreign person and for an Israelite.” ’
The cloud above the Tent of Meeting
15On the day that Moses raised the Tent of Meeting, a cloud covered it. And in the evening it seemed like fire over God's Tent, until morning. 16It was like that all the time. The cloud covered it during the day. But at night, the cloud seemed to have fire in it. 17When the cloud went up from the tent, the Israelites started to travel. And when the cloud came down, the Israelites camped in that place. 18The LORD decided when the Israelites should start to travel. And the LORD decided where they should camp. During all the time that the cloud was over God's Tent, they stayed in their camp. 19Even when the cloud stayed over God's Tent for many days, the Israelites obeyed the LORD. They did not start to travel. 20Sometimes the cloud stayed over God's Tent for a few days. Then they obeyed the LORD. They remained in their camp. Then the LORD showed that they should travel. So they started to travel. 21Sometimes the cloud stayed there from evening until morning. But, when the cloud went up in the morning, they started to travel. But sometimes it stayed for one day and one night. Then when the cloud went up, they started to travel again. 22Sometimes the cloud continued to be over God's Tent for two days or for a month or for a year. It stayed above it. Then, the Israelites stayed in their camp. They did not start to travel. But when it went up, they did start to travel. 23The LORD decided when they should camp. And the LORD decided when they should start to travel. So they obeyed the LORD about everything that the LORD said to Moses.