Exodus 25
Chapter 25
Gifts for the tabernacle
1The Lord said to Moses: 2‘Tell the Israelites that they must bring me a gift. Every person who wants to give can do so. You must receive the gifts for me. 3These are the gifts that you must receive from the people:
silver and bronze
4blue, purple and red material
and special white material
goat's hair,
5red sheep skins and badger skins
wood from acacia trees
6 olive oil for the lights
sweet powder from plants for the special oil, to make a lovely smell
7many different stones, all valuable, to fix on to the priest's special clothes.’ #25:7 Gold, silver and bronze are valuable metals. The blue, purple and red material would perhaps be cotton. The white material was linen. People make this from a plant called flax. Acacia wood is very strong and hard. Sweet powder comes from many different plants. The Israelites mixed it with olive oil.
8‘You must command the Israelites to make a special place for me. Then I will come and live among them. 9I will show you how to make this tabernacle and everything inside it. But you must make it completely as I tell you.
The Covenant Box
10The Israelites must make a box of acacia wood. It must be one metre long, three quarters of a metre wide and three quarters of a metre high. 11Cover it with gold, both inside and outside, and then build up the edges with gold. 12Make four gold rings and fix them to the feet of the box. Fix two rings on one side and two rings on the other side. 13Then make two sticks out of acacia wood and cover them with gold. 14Push the sticks into the rings on the sides of the box. This is how you will carry it. 15The sticks must remain in the rings. You must not remove them. 16Then put into the box the words of the covenant that I have written on stones. I will give those to you.
17Make a gold lid for the box. Make it one metre long and three quarters of a metre wide. 18And make two angels from gold. Use a hammer to make them the right shape. 19Make one angel on one end of the lid and the second angel on the other end. The two angels, one at each end, must be part of the lid. 20The angels' wings must point to the sky and they must make a shadow over the lid. Each angel's face must look towards the other angel and towards the lid. 21Put the lid on the top of the box. Put the stones with the words of the covenant into the box. I will give those to you. 22I will meet with you there, above the lid, between the two angels. The angels are over the top of the Covenant Box. I will meet with you and I will give to you all my commands for the Israelites.
The table
23Make a table out of acacia wood. Make it one metre long, half a metre wide and three quarters of a metre high. 24Cover it with gold, and then build up the edges with gold. 25Also, fix an extra piece of wood round it, 7 centimetres wide, and build up these edges with gold.
26Make four gold rings for the table. Fix them to the four corners, where the four legs of the table are. 27The rings must be very near to the extra piece of wood. They will hold the sticks that you will use to carry the table. 28Make the sticks out of acacia wood and cover them with gold. Use them to carry the table. 29Make the plates and the spoons out of gold, also the pots and the dishes. You will use these to pour out the gifts of drink. 30Put the special loaves of bread on this table. They must be there in front of me always.
The lampstand
31Make a lampstand out of gold. Use a hammer to make it the right shape. Make its cups like open almond flowers and some that are not yet open. You must make every part of the lampstand from one piece of gold. 32Make six branches on the lampstand, three branches on each side of it. 33Put three cups like almond flowers on one branch and three on the next branch. Make some of these flowers open and some not yet open. Put three cups on each of the six branches of the lampstand. 34On the lampstand itself, put four cups like almond flowers, some open and some not yet open. 35Put one flower, not yet open, under the first pair of branches. Put a second flower, not yet open, under the second pair of branches. Put the third flower, not yet open, under the third pair of branches. There are six branches on the lampstand. 36You must make the flowers and the branches from the same piece of gold as the lampstand. Use a hammer to make the gold into the right shape.
37Then make 7 lamps and fix them to the lampstand. Fix them so that they will light the space in front of it. 38You must make small tools from gold, with which to clean the lamps. You must also make dishes for it. 39You must make the lampstand and all its tools and dishes from 34 kilos of gold. 40Be careful how you make all these things. You must copy them completely as you saw them on the mountain.