Ephesians 6
1Children, do what your parents tell you, for this is the right thing to do. 2“Honor your father and mother.” This is the first commandment that has a promise attached: 3“that things may go well for you and you may live a long life on the earth.”#6:3. Quoting Deut. 5:16. 4Fathers, don't make your children mad, but look after them by disciplining them and instructing them about God. 5Servants, obey those who are your human masters, with proper respect and awe, doing things from sincere motives as if you were serving Christ. 6Don't just work well when you're being watched to gain approval, but work like servants of Christ, honestly doing God's will, 7happily serving as if you were doing it for the Lord, and not for people. 8You know that whoever does what's good will be rewarded by the Lord, whether that person is a servant or someone who is free. 9Masters, you should treat your servants the same way. Don't threaten them, remember that the Lord in heaven is both their master and yours, and he treats people the same, without favoritism.
10Lastly, stay strong in the Lord, and in his mighty power. 11Put on all the armor of God so you can withstand all the devil's attacks! 12We're not fighting against human forces, but against supernatural rulers and powers, the dark lords of this world, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens. 13Take all the weapons God provides so that you may be able to stand your ground in the day of evil and after doing all you can, to find yourself still standing! 14So stand up, wrap the belt of truth around your waist, tie on the breastplate of justice and right, 15and put on the shoes of readiness to share the good news of peace. 16Above all, take up the shield of trusting God, by which you'll be able to put out all the devil's flaming arrows. 17Wear the helmet of salvation, and carry the sword of the Spirit—the Spirit that's the word of God. 18Always pray in the Spirit as you do all this. Stay awake and keep on praying for all God's people. 19Pray for me too so that I'll be given the right words to say, and that I'll be able to explain confidently the hidden truths of the good news. 20I'm an imprisoned ambassador for the sake of the good news, so please pray that I will speak fearlessly, as I should. 21Tychicus, our good friend and faithful minister, will give you all my news and explain everything so you'll know how I'm doing. 22That's why I'm sending him to you—to tell you what's happened to us and to encourage you. 23Peace to all the Christians there, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, with love and trust in him. 24Grace to all those who eternally love our Lord Jesus.