Psalms 85

Psalms 85

Mercy and Truth
For the Pure and Shining One
A prophetic song composed by the prophetic singers of Korah’s clan
1Lord, your love has poured out
so many amazing blessings on our land!
You’ve restored Jacob’s destiny from captivity.
2You’ve forgiven our many sins and covered
every one of them in your love.
Pause in his presence
3So now it’s obvious that your blazing anger has ended and
the furious fire of wrath has been extinguished by your mercy.
4So bring us back to loving you, God our Savior.
Restore our hearts so that we’ll never again
feel your anger rise against us.
5Will you forever hold a grudge?
Will your anger endure for all time?
6Revive us again, O God! I know you will! Give us a fresh start!
Then all your people will taste your joy and gladness.
7Pour out even more of your love on us!
Reveal more of your kindness and restore us back to you!
8Now I’ll listen carefully for your voice
and wait to hear whatever you say.
Let me hear your promise of peace—
the message every one of your godly lovers longs to hear.
Don’t let us in our ignorance turn back from following you.
9For I know your power and presence shines on all your devoted lovers.
Your glory always hovers over all who bow low before you.
10Your mercy and your truth have married each other.
Your righteousness and peace have kissed.
11Flowers of your faithfulness are blooming on the earth.
Righteousness shines down from the sky.
12Yes, the Lord keeps raining down blessing after blessing,
and prosperity will drench the land with a bountiful harvest.
13For deliverance # 85:13 Or “righteousness.” goes before him,
preparing a path for his steps.
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