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Psalms 71

The Psalm of Old Age
1Lord, you are my secure shelter. Don’t ever let me down!
2Let your justice be my breakthrough.
Bend low to my whispered cry
and save me from all my enemies!
3You’re the only place of protection for me.
I keep coming back to hide myself in you,
for you are like a mountain-cliff fortress where I’m kept safe.
4Let me escape from these cruel and wicked men,
and save me from the hands of the evil one.
5For you are my only hope, Lord!
I’ve hung on to you, trusting in you all my life.
6-7It was you who supported me from the day I was born,
loving me, helping me through my life’s journey.
You’ve made me into a miracle;
no wonder I trust you and praise you forever!
Many marvel at my success,
but I know it is all because of you, my mighty protector!
8I’m overflowing with your praise for all you’ve done,
and your splendor thrills me all day long.
9Now that I’m old, don’t set me aside.
Don’t let go of me when my strength is spent.
10-11For all my enemies whisper behind my back.
They’re waiting for me to fall so they can finish me off.
They’re convinced you’ve left me
and that you’ll never come to my rescue.
They’re saying, “Let’s get him now! He has no savior!”
12O God, stay close to me!
Don’t just watch from a distance! Hurry to help me, my God!
13Cover these accusers of mine with shame and failure!
Destroy them all, for they only want to kill me!
14No matter what, I’ll trust in you to help me.
Nothing will stop me from praising you to magnify your glory!
15I couldn’t begin to count the times you’ve been there for me.
With the skill of a poet I’ll never run out of things to say
about how you faithfully kept me from danger.
16I will come forth in your mighty strength, O my Lord God. # 71:16 Or “I will enter into the manliness of Lord Yahweh.”
I’ll tell everyone that you alone are the perfect one.
17From my childhood you’ve been my teacher,
and I’m still telling everyone of your miracle-wonders!
18God, now that I’m old and gray, don’t walk away.
Give me grace to demonstrate to the next generation
all your mighty miracles and your excitement,
to show them your magnificent power!
19For your glorious righteousness reaches up to the high heavens.
No one could ever be compared to you!
Who is your equal, O God of marvels and wonders?
20Even though you’ve let us sink down with trials and troubles,
I know you will revive us again,
lifting us up from the dust of death.
21Give us even more greatness than before.
Turn and comfort us once again.
22My loving God, the harp in my heart will praise you.
Your faithful heart toward us will be the theme of my song.
Melodies and music will rise to you, the Holy One of Israel.
23I will shout and sing your praises for all you are to me—
Savior, lover of my soul!
24I’ll never stop telling others how perfect you are,
while all those who seek my harm slink away ashamed and defeated!

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