Psalms 70
A Cry for Help
To the Pure and Shining One
David’s poetic lament to always remember
1Please, Lord! Come quickly and rescue me!
God, show me your favor and restore me.
2Let all who seek my life be humiliated, confused, and ashamed.
God, send them sprawling, all who wish me evil;
they just want me dead.
3Scoff at every scoffer and cause them all to be utter failures!
Let them be ashamed and horrified over their complete defeat.
4But let all who passionately seek you erupt with excitement and joy
over what you’ve done!
Let all your lovers, who continually rejoice in the Savior,
say aloud, “How great and glorious is our God!”
5Lord, in my place of weakness and need,
won’t you turn your heart toward me and hurry to help me?
For you are my Savior and I’m always in your thoughts.
So don’t delay to deliver me now, for you are my God.

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