Psalms 148
The Cosmic Chorus of Praise
1Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Let the skies be filled with praise
and the highest heavens with the shouts of glory!
2Go ahead—praise him, all you his messengers!
Praise him some more, all you heavenly hosts!
3Keep it up, sun and moon!
Don’t stop now, all you twinkling stars of light!
4Take it up even higher—up to the highest heavens,
until the cosmic chorus thunders his praise!
5Let the entire universe erupt with praise to God.
From nothing to something he spoke and created it all.
6He established the cosmos to last forever,
and he stands behind his commands
so his orders will never be revoked.
7Let the earth join in with this parade of praise!
You mighty creatures of the ocean’s depths,
echo in exaltation!
8Lightning, hail, snow, and clouds,
and the stormy winds that fulfill his word.
9Bring your melody, O mountains and hills;
trees of the forest and field, harmonize your praise!
10-12Praise him, all beasts and birds, mice and men,
kings, queens, princes, and princesses,
young men and maidens, children and babes,
old and young alike, everyone everywhere!
13Let them all join in with this orchestra of praise.
For the name of the Lord is the only name we raise!
His stunning splendor ascends higher than the heavens.
14He anoints his people with strength and authority,
showing his great favor to all his godly lovers,
even to his princely people, Israel,
who are so close to his heart.
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

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