Proverbs 6:1-15

Proverbs 6:1-15 TPT

My son, if you cosign a loan for an acquaintance and guarantee his debt, you’ll be sorry that you ever did it! You’ll be trapped by your promise and legally bound by the agreement. So listen carefully to my advice: Quickly get out of it if you possibly can! Swallow your pride, get over your embarrassment, and go tell your “friend” you want your name off that contract. Don’t put it off, and don’t rest until you get it done. Rescue yourself from future pain and be free from it once and for all. You’ll be so relieved that you did! When you’re feeling lazy, come and learn a lesson from this tale of the tiny ant. Yes, all you lazybones, come learn from the example of the ant and enter into wisdom. The ants have no chief, no boss, no manager— no one has to tell them what to do. You’ll see them working and toiling all summer long, stockpiling their food in preparation for winter. So wake up, sleepyhead. How long will you lie there? When will you wake up and get out of bed? If you keep nodding off and thinking, “I’ll do it later,” or say to yourself, “I’ll just sit back awhile and take it easy,” just watch how the future unfolds! By making excuses you’ll learn what it means to go without. Poverty will pounce on you like a bandit and move in as your roommate for life. Here’s another life lesson to learn from observing the wayward and wicked man. You can tell they are lawless. They’re constant liars, proud deceivers, full of clever ploys and convincing plots. Their twisted thoughts are perverse, always with a scheme to stir up trouble, and sowing strife with every step they take. But when calamity comes knocking on their door, suddenly and without warning they’re undone— broken to bits, shattered, with no hope of healing.
TPT: The Passion Translation