Proverbs 14
The House of Wisdom
1Every wise woman encourages and builds up her family,
but a foolish woman over time will tear it down by her own actions.
2Lovers of truth follow the right path
because of their wonderment and worship of God.
But the devious display their disdain for him.
3The words of a proud fool will all come back to haunt him.
But the words of the wise
will become a shield of protection around them.
4The only clean stable is an empty stable.
So if you want the work of an ox and to enjoy an abundant harvest,
you’ll have a mess or two to clean up!
5An honest witness will never lie,
but a deceitful witness lies with every breath.
6The intellectually arrogant seek for wisdom,
but they never seem to discover
what they claim they’re looking for.
For revelation-knowledge flows to the one
who hungers for understanding.
7The words of the wise are like weapons of knowledge.
If you need wise counsel, stay away from the fool.
8For the wisdom of the wise will keep life on the right track,
while the fool only deceives himself
and refuses to face reality.
9Fools mock the need for repentance,
while the favor of God rests upon all his lovers.
10Don’t expect anyone else to fully understand
both the bitterness and the joys
of all you experience in your life.
11The household of the wicked is soon torn apart,
while the family of the righteous flourishes.
12You can rationalize it all you want
and justify the path of error you have chosen,
but you’ll find out in the end that you took the road to destruction.
13Superficial laughter can hide a heavy heart,
but when the laughter ends, the pain resurfaces.
14Those who turn from the truth get what they deserve,
but a good person receives a sweet reward.
15A gullible person will believe anything,
but a sensible person will confirm the facts.
16A wise person is careful in all things and turns quickly from evil,
while the impetuous fool moves ahead with overconfidence.
17An impulsive person has a short fuse and can ruin everything,
but the wise show self-control.
18The naïve demonstrate a lack of wisdom,
but the lovers of wisdom are crowned with revelation-knowledge.
19Evil ones will pay tribute to good people
and eventually come to be servants of the godly.
20The poor are disliked even by their neighbors,
but everyone wants to get close to the wealthy.
21It’s a sin to despise one who is less fortunate than you,
but when you are kind to the poor,
you will prosper and be blessed.
22Haven’t you noticed how evil schemers always wander astray?
But kindness and truth come to those
who make plans to be pure in all their ways.
23If you work hard at what you do,
great abundance will come to you.
But merely talking about getting rich
while living to only pursue your pleasures
brings you face-to-face with poverty.
24The true net worth of the wise is the wealth that wisdom imparts.
But the way of life for the fool is his foolishness.
25Speak the truth and you’ll save souls,
but in the spreading of lies treachery thrives.
26Confidence and strength flood the hearts
of the lovers of God who live in awe of him,
and their devotion provides their children
with a place of shelter and security.
27To worship God in wonder and awe
opens a fountain of life within you,
empowering you to escape death’s domain.
28A king glories in the number of his loyal followers,
but a dwindling population spells ruin for any leader.
29When your heart overflows with understanding
you’ll be very slow to get angry.
But if you have a quick temper,
your impatience will be quickly seen by all.
30A tender, tranquil heart will make you healthy,
but jealousy can make you sick.
31Insult your Creator, will you?
That’s exactly what you do
every time that you oppress the powerless!
Showing kindness to the poor is equal to honoring your maker.
32The wicked are crushed by every calamity,
but the lovers of God find a strong hope
even in the time of death.
33Wisdom soothes the heart of the one with living-understanding,
but the heart of the fool just stockpiles stupidity.
34A nation is exalted by the righteousness of its people,
but sin heaps disgrace upon the land.
35A wise and faithful servant receives promotion from the king,
but the one who acts disgracefully
gets to taste the anger of the king.

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