Psalms 79
Psalm 79
Faith amid Confusion
A psalm of Asaph.#1Ch 16:5,7
1God, the nations have invaded your inheritance,
desecrated your holy temple,
and turned Jerusalem into ruins.#Jr 26:18; Lm 1:10; Mc 3:12
2They gave the corpses of your servants
to the birds of the sky for food,
the flesh of your faithful ones
to the beasts of the earth.#Dt 28:26; Jr 7:33; 16:4
3They poured out their blood
like water all around Jerusalem,
and there was no one to bury them.#Jr 14:16; 16:4; 22:19
4We have become an object of reproach
to our neighbors,
a source of mockery and ridicule
to those around us.#Ps 44:13-14; 80:6; Dn 9:16
5How long, Lord? Will you be angry forever?
Will your jealousy keep burning like fire?#Ps 74:10; 78:58; 80:4
6Pour out your wrath on the nations
that don’t acknowledge you,
on the kingdoms that don’t call on your name,#Ps 14:4; Jr 10:25
7for they have devoured Jacob
and devastated his homeland.#Ps 53:4
8Do not hold past iniquities#79:8 Or hold the sins of past generations against us;
let your compassion come to us quickly,
for we have become very weak.#Ps 142:6; Is 64:9
9God of our salvation, help us#1Ch 16:35; Ps 85:4  —
for the glory of your name.
Rescue us and atone for our sins,
for your name’s sake.#Ps 25:11; 106:8; Jr 14:7
10Why should the nations ask,
“Where is their God?” #Ps 42:3,10; 115:2
Before our eyes,
let vengeance for the shed blood of your servants
be known among the nations.#Dt 32:43; Ps 94:1-2; Jr 46:10
11Let the groans of the prisoners reach you;
according to your great power,
preserve those condemned to die.#Ps 102:20
12Pay back sevenfold to our neighbors#Lv 26:21,28
the reproach they have hurled at you, Lord.#Ps 74:10,18,22
13Then we, your people, the sheep of your pasture,#Ps 74:1; 100:3
will thank you forever;
we will declare your praise
to generation after generation.#Ps 89:1; Is 43:21

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