Psalms 66
Praise God for Answering Prayers
For the director of music. A song of praise.
1Everything on earth, shout with joy to God!
2Sing about his glory!
Make his praise glorious!
3Say to God, “Your works are amazing!
Your power is great.
Your enemies fall before you.
4All the earth worships you.
They sing praises to you.
They sing praises to your name.” Selah
5Come and see what God has done.
See what amazing things he has done for people.
6He turned the sea into dry land.
The people crossed the river on foot.
So let us rejoice because of what he did.
7He rules forever with his power.
He keeps his eye on the nations.
So people should not turn against him. Selah
8You people, praise our God.
Loudly sing his praise.
9He protects our lives
and does not let us be defeated.
10God, you have tested us.
You have purified us like silver.
11You let us be trapped.
You put a heavy load on us.
12You let our enemies walk on our heads.
We went through fire and flood.
But you brought us to a place with good things.
13I will come to your Temple with burnt offerings.
I will give you what I promised.
14I promised to give you these things
when I was in trouble.
15I will bring you offerings of fat animals.
And I will offer male sheep, bulls and goats. Selah
16All of you who fear God, come and listen.
I will tell you what he has done for me.
17I cried out to him with my mouth.
I praised him with my tongue.
18If I had known of any sin in my heart,
the Lord would not have listened to me.
19But God has listened.
He has heard my prayer.
20Praise God.
He did not ignore my prayer.
He did not hold back his love from me.
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