Malachi 4
The Day of the Lord’s Judging
1“There is a day coming that will be like a hot furnace. All the proud and evil people will be like straw. On that day they will be completely burned up. Not a root or branch will be left,” says the Lord of heaven’s armies. 2“But for you who honor me, goodness will shine on you like the sun. There will be healing in its rays. You will jump around, like calves freed from their stalls. 3Then you will crush the wicked. They will be like ashes under your feet. I will do this on that day,” says the Lord of heaven’s armies.
4“Remember the teaching of Moses my servant. I gave those laws and rules to him at Mount Sinai. They are for all the Israelites.
5“But I will send Elijah the prophet to you. He will come before that great and terrible day of the Lord’s judging. 6Elijah will help fathers love their children. And he will help the children love their fathers. Otherwise, I will come and put a curse on the land.”
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