Job 40
1The Lord said to Job:
2“Will the person who argues with God All-Powerful correct him?
Let the person who accuses God answer him!”
3Then Job answered the Lord:
4“I am not worthy. I cannot answer you anything.
I will put my hand over my mouth.
5I spoke one time, but I will not answer again.
I even spoke two times, but I will say nothing more.”
6Then the Lord spoke to Job from the storm:
7“Be strong, like a man.
I will ask you questions.
And you must answer me.
8Would you say that I am unfair?
Would you blame me to make yourself look right?
9Are you as strong as God?
And can your voice thunder like his?
10If so, then decorate yourself with glory and beauty.
And put on honor and greatness as if they were clothing.
11Let your great anger punish.
Look at everyone who is proud and make him feel unimportant.
12Look at everyone who is proud and bring him under your control.
Crush the wicked wherever they are.
13Bury them all in the dirt together.
Cover their faces in the grave.
14If you can do that, then I myself will praise you
because you are strong enough to save yourself.
15“Look at Behemoth.# A large land animal, exact identity unknown.
I made him just as I made you.
He eats grass like an ox.
16Look at the strength he has in his body.
The muscles of his stomach are powerful!
17His tail extends like a cedar tree.
The muscles of his thighs are woven together.
18His bones are like tubes of bronze metal.
His legs are like bars of iron.
19He is one of the first of God’s works.
But God, his Maker, can destroy him.
20The hills, where the wild animals play,
provide food for him.
21He lies under the lotus plants
hidden by the tall grass in the swamp.
22The lotus plants hide him in their shadow.
The poplar trees by the streams surround him.
23If the river floods, he will not be afraid.
He is not afraid even if the Jordan River rushes to his mouth.
24Can anyone blind his eyes and capture him?
Can anyone put hooks in his nose?
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