Job 15
Eliphaz Answers Job
1Then Eliphaz the Temanite answered:
2“A wise man would not answer with empty words.
He would not fill his stomach with hot, east wind.
3He would not argue with useless words.
He would not make speeches that have no value.
4But you even break down the worship of God.
You stand in the way of those who pray to him.
5Your sin teaches your mouth what to say.
You use the same words as people who trick others.
6It is your own mouth, not mine, that shows you are wicked.
Your own lips speak as a witness against you.
7“You are not the first man ever born.
You were not born before the hills were made.
8You cannot listen in on God’s secret advice.
You cannot limit wisdom to yourself.
9You don’t know any more than we know.
You don’t understand any more than we understand.
10Old people with gray hair are on our side.
They are men even older than your father.
11The comfort God gives you is not enough for you,
even when words are spoken gently to you.
12Your heart has carried you away from God.
Your eyes flash with anger.
13You speak out your anger against God.
And these words pour out of your mouth.
14“How can man be pure?
How can a person born to a woman be good?
15God places no trust in his holy ones.
Even the heavens are not pure in his eyes.
16And man is even less than they are. He is terrible and rotten.
He drinks up evil as if it were water!
17“Job, listen to me, and I will tell you about it.
I will tell you what I have seen.
18These are things wise men have told.
Their ancestors told them these things, and they have hidden nothing.
19(The land was given to their fathers only.
No foreigner lived among them.)
20The evil man suffers pain all his life.
The cruel man suffers during all the years saved up for him.
21Terrible sounds fill his ears.
When things seem to be going well, robbers attack him.
22The evil person gives up trying to escape from the darkness.
It has been decided that he will die by the sword.
23He wanders around. He will become food for vultures.
He knows death will soon come.
24Worry and suffering terrify him.
They overwhelm him. They seem like a king ready to attack.
25This is because he shakes his fist at God.
He tries to get his own way against God All-Powerful.
26He stubbornly charges at God
with a thick, strong shield.
27“The evil person’s face is covered with fat.
His waist is fat with flesh.
28He will live in towns that are ruined.
He will live in houses where no one lives.
They are houses that are crumbling into ruins.
29The evil person will no longer get rich.
And the riches he has will not last.
The things he owns will no longer spread over the land.
30He will not escape the darkness.
A flame will dry up his branches.
God’s breath will carry that evil person away.
31The evil person should not fool himself by trusting what is useless.
If he does, he will get nothing in return.
32His branch will dry up before it finishes growing.
It will not even become green.
33He will be like a vine whose grapes are pulled off before they are ripe.
He will be like an olive tree that loses its blossoms.
34People without God can produce nothing.
Fire will destroy the tents of people who take money to do evil.
35They plan trouble and give birth to evil.
Their hearts plan ways to trick people.”
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