Isaiah 4
1At that time seven women
will grab one man.
They will say, “We will make our own bread.
And we will make our own clothes.
But please marry us!
Please, take away our shame.”
The Branch of the Lord
2At that time the Lord’s branch will be very beautiful and great. The people still living in Israel will be proud of what the land grows. 3All the people who are still living in Jerusalem will be called holy. This will be all the people whose names are recorded among the living in Jerusalem. 4The Lord will wash away the filth from the women of Jerusalem. He will wash the bloodstains out of Jerusalem. He will clean Jerusalem with the spirit of fairness and the spirit of fire. 5As he did when Israel left Egypt, the Lord will cover them with a cloud of smoke during the day. And he will cover them with a bright, flaming fire at night. These proofs will be over Mount Zion. They will be over every meeting of the people there. There will be a covering over every person. 6This covering will be a place of safety. It will protect the people from the heat of the sun. It will be a safe place to hide from the storm and rain.
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