Tehillim 99
1Hashem reigneth; let the nations tremble; He sitteth between the keruvim; let ha'aretz be shaken. 2Hashem is great in Tziyon; and He is high above all the nations. 3Let them praise Thy Shem gadol v'nora; for it is kadosh. 4The Mighty King also loveth mishpat; Thou dost establish equity, Thou executest mishpat and tzedakah in Ya'akov. 5Exalt ye Hashem Eloheinu, and worship at His footstool; for He is kadosh. 6Moshe and Aharon among His kohanim, and Shmuel among them that call upon Shmo; they called upon Hashem, and He answered them. 7He spoke unto them in the ammud anan (pillar of cloud); they were shomer over His statutes, and the chok (ordinance) that He gave them. 8Thou answeredst them, Hashem Eloheinu; Thou wast El (G-d) that forgavest them, though Thou tookest vengeance of their misdeeds. 9Exalt Hashem Eloheinu, and worship at His Har Kodesh; for Hashem Eloheinu is kadosh.
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