Tehillim 79
1O Elohim, the Goyim are come into Thine Nachalah; Thy Heikhal Kodesh have they defiled; they have reduced Yerushalayim to rubble. 2The dead bodies of Thy avadim have they given to be food unto the oph HaShomayim, the basar of Thy Chasidim, unto the beasts of the earth. 3Their shefach dahm (shedding of blood) is like mayim all around Yerushalayim; and there is none to bury them. 4We are become a reproach to our shekhenim (neighbors), a scorn and derision to them that are around us. 5How long, Hashem? Wilt Thou be angry lanetzach (forever)? Shall Thy kina (jealousy) burn like eish? 6Pour out Thy wrath upon the Goyim that have no da'as of Thee, and upon the mamlachot that have not called upon Thy Shem. 7For they have devoured Ya'akov, and laid waste his naveh (home). 8O remember not against us avonot rishonim (former iniquities); let Thy rachamim speedily come to us; for we are brought very low. 9Help us, O Elohei Yisheinu, (G-d of our salvation), for the kavod of Thy Shem; and deliver us, and make kapporah for our sins, for Thy Name's sake. 10Why should the Goyim say, Where is Eloheihem? Let there be known among the Goyim in our sight, vengeance for the shefach dahm of Thy avadim. 11Let the groaning of the asir (prisoner) come before Thee; according to the greatness of Thy Zero'a preserve Thou those that are Bnei Temutah (sons of death, i.e., appointed to die, doomed to die); 12And repay unto our shekhenim (neighbors) sevenfold into their kheyk their reproach, wherewith they have reproached Thee, Adonoi. 13So we Thy people and tzon of Thy pasture will give Thee thanks l'olahm (forever); we will show forth Thy praise l'dor vador.
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