Tehillim 76
1In Yehudah is Elohim known; Shmo is gadol in Yisroel. 2(3) In Shalem [i.e., Yerushalayim] also is His Sukkah, and His Ma'on (dwelling place) in Tziyon [see Yochanan chp 14 OJBC]. 3(4) There He broke the flashing arrows, the mogen, and the cherev, and the milchamah. Selah. 4(5) Thou art more glorious and adir (majestic) than the mountains of prey. 5(6) The stouthearted are plundered; now their last sleep they sleep; and none of the anshei chayil can find their hands. 6(7) At Thy rebuke, O Elohei Ya'akov, both the merkavah and sus are cast into a dead sleep. 7(8) Thou, even Thou, art to be feared; and who may stand in Thy sight when once Thou art angry? 8(9) Thou didst pronounce din (sentence, judgment) from Shomayim; Eretz feared, and was still, 9(10) When Elohim arose to mishpat, to save all the meek of Eretz. Selah. 10(11) Surely the chamat adam (the wrath of man) shall praise Thee; the she'erit (remnant, survivor) of wrath shalt Thou restrain [from doing evil]. 11(12) Make neder (vow), and pay unto Hashem Eloheichem; let all that be around Him bring gifts unto Him that ought to be feared. 12(13) He shall cut short the ruach of negidim (nobles); He is fearsome to the Malkhei-Aretz (Kings of the Earth).
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