1Give ear to my words, Hashem, consider my meditation. 2[3] Pay heed unto the voice of my cry, Malki v'Elohai; for unto Thee will I daven. 3[4] My voice shalt Thou hear in the boker, Hashem; in the boker will I bring my prayer before Thee as a spiritual sacrifice and wait for an answer. 4[5] For Thou art not El that hath pleasure in resha; neither shall rah dwell with Thee. 5[6] The holelim (arrogant) shall not stand in Thy sight; Thou hatest all workers of iniquity. 6[7] Thou shalt destroy them that speak kazav (falsehood); Hashem will abhor the ish damim u'mirmah (bloody and deceitful man). 7[8] But as for me, I will come into Thy Bais in the multitude of Thy chesed; and in Thy fear will I bow down toward Thy Heikhal Kodesh. 8[9] Lead me, Hashem, in Thy tzedakah because of mine enemies; make Thy Derech straight before my face. 9[10] For there is nothing trustworthy in their mouth; their inwardness is a corruptible abyss; their throat is an open kever; they speak smooth deceit with their leshon. 10[11] Punish them, Elohim; let them fall by their own intrigues; in the multitude of their peysha'im cast them out; for they have rebelled against Thee. 11[12] But let all those that take refuge in Thee rejoice; let them shout for joy l'olam, and spread Thou protection over them that they be joyful in Thee, who love Shemecha (Thy Name). 12[13] For Thou, Hashem, wilt bless the Tzaddik; with ratzon (favor) wilt Thou encompass him as with a tzinnah (large rectangular shield).