Tehillim 47
1O clap your hands, all ye nations; shout unto Elohim with the voice of joy. 2(3) For Hashem Elyon is awesome; He is Melech Gadol over kol ha'aretz. 3(4) He shall subdue the peoples under us, and the nations under our raglayim. 4(5) He shall choose nachalateinu for us, the ga'on Ya'akov (pride, glory of Jacob) whom He loves. Selah. 5(6) Elohim is ascended with a shout of joy, Hashem with the sound of a shofar. 6(7) Sing praises to Elohim, sing praises; sing praises unto Malkeinu, sing praises. 7(8) For Melech kol ha'aretz is He; sing ye praises with understanding. 8(9) Elohim reigneth over the Goyim; Elohim sitteth upon the Kisse Kadsho. 9(10) The princes of the nations are gathered together, even the Am Elohei Avraham; for the moginei Eretz (shields of the Earth) belong unto Elohim; He is greatly exalted.
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