Tehillim 29
1Ascribe unto Hashem, O ye bnei elim (sons of the mighty), ascribe unto Hashem kavod and oz (strength). 2Ascribe unto Hashem the Kavod Shmo; worship Hashem in the Hadrat Kodesh (beauty of holiness). 3The voice of Hashem is upon the waters; El HaKavod thundereth; Hashem is over the mayim rabbim. 4The voice of Hashem is in Ko'ach; the voice of Hashem is in hadar (majesty). 5The voice of Hashem breaketh the cedars; Hashem breaketh the cedars of the Levanon. 6He maketh them also to skip like an egel (calf); Levanon and Siryon, like a young reimim (wild ox). 7The voice of Hashem hews out with flashes of eish. 8The voice of Hashem shaketh the midbar; Hashem shaketh the Midbar Kadesh. 9The voice of Hashem causes the deer to calve, and strips bare the ye'arot (forests); and in His Heikhal doth everyone say, Kavod! 10Hashem sitteth upon the mabbul (flood); yea, Hashem sitteth enthroned as Melech l'olam. 11Hashem will give oz (strength) unto His people; Hashem will bless His people with shalom.
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