Tehillim 148
1Praise Hashem. Praise Hashem from HaShomayim: praise Him in the heights above. 2Praise ye Him, all His malachim: praise ye Him, all Tzivos Hashem. 3Praise ye Him, shemesh and yarei'ach: praise Him, all ye kokhavim of ohr. 4Praise Him, ye heavens of heavens, and ye waters that be above HaShomayim. 5Let them praise the Shem of Hashem: for He commanded, and they were created. 6He hath also established them forever and ever: He hath made a Chok (decree) which shall not pass away. 7Hallelu Hashem from ha'aretz, ye sea creatures, and all tehomot: 8Eish, and barad; snow, and cloud; stormy wind fulfilling His Devar: 9Mountains, and all hills; etz pri (fruitful trees), and all cedars: 10Beasts, and all cattle; remesh (creeping things), and flying fowl: 11Malchei eretz, and all people; sarim (princes), and all shoftei aretz: 12Both bochurim, and betulot; zekenim, and ne'arim: 13Let them praise the Shem of Hashem: for Shmo alone is excellent; His hod is above Eretz and Shomayim. 14He also exalteth the keren of His people, tehillah (the praise) of all His Chasidim; even of the Bnei Yisroel, an Am (people) close unto Him. Hallelu Hashem.
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