Tehillim 146
1Praise Hashem. Praise Hashem, O my nefesh. 2While I live will I praise Hashem: I will sing praise unto Elohai while I have any being. 3Put not your trust in princes, nor in the ben adam, in whom there is no teshuah (salvation). 4His ruach departs, he returneth to his adamah; in yom hahu his plans come to nothing. 5Ashrei is he that hath El Ya'akov for his ezer, whose hope is in Hashem Elohav: 6Oseh Shomayim vaAretz, the yam, and all that therein is: HaShomer Emes l'olam (Who keepeth Truth forever): 7Oseh mishpat for the oppressed; Who giveth lechem to the hungry. Hashem mattir asurim (sets free the prisoners): 8Hashem openeth the eyes of the ivrim: Hashem raiseth them that are bowed down: Hashem loveth the tzaddikim: 9Hashem shomer over the gerim; He relieveth the yatom (fatherless, orphan) and almanah; but the Derech Resha'im He frustrates. 10Hashem shall reign l'olam, even thy G-d, O Tziyon, l'dor vador. Praise Hashem.
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