Tehillim 116
1I love Hashem, because He hath heard my kol (voice), even my techinnah. 2Because He hath inclined His ozen (ear) unto me, therefore will I call upon Him while I have days. 3Chevlei mavet (pangs of death) encompassed me, and the metzarei She'ol (confines, straitnesses of She'ol) have caught up with me and found me; tzoros and yagon (sorrow) I found. 4Then called I b'Shem Hashem: O Hashem, save my nefesh! 5Channun (gracious) is Hashem, and tzaddik; yes, Eloheinu is merciful. 6Hashem is shomer over the petayim (simple-hearted, helpless); I was in need and li yehoshia (me He saved). 7Return, my nefesh, to thy menuchah (rest, resting place); for Hashem hath dealt bountifully with thee. 8For Thou hast saved my nefesh from mavet (death), mine eye from dimah (tears), and mine regel (foot) from stumbling. 9I will walk before Hashem in the Artzot HaChayim (the Land of the Living). [T.N. Note that I can do that because Moshiach was cut off from there in my place and for my sins-Isa 53:8] 10He'emaneti (I believed); therefore have I spoken; I was greatly afflicted. 11I said in my chafaz (haste, alarm, consternation), Kol HaAdam Kozev (all men are liars). 12How shall I repay Hashem for all His benefits to me? 13I will raise the Kos Yeshu'ot (the Cup of Salvation), and call upon Hashem b'Shem (by Name). 14I will fulfill my nederim (vows) now in the presence of all His people. 15Precious in the eyes of Hashem is the mavet of His Chasidim. 16O Hashem, truly I am Thy eved; I am Thy eved, ben amatecha (the son of Thy maid servant); Thou hast removed my chains. 17I will sacrifice to Thee the zevach todah (the thanksgiving offering) and will call on the Shem Hashem. 18I will fulfill my nederim to Hashem now in the presence of all His people. 19In the khatzerot Beis Hashem, in the midst of thee, O Yerushalayim. Praise ye Hashem.
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