Tehillim 115
1Not unto us, Hashem, not unto us, but unto Thy Shem give kavod, for the sake of Thy chesed, and for Thy emes. 2Why should the Goyim say, Where is now their Elohim? 3But Eloheinu is in Shomayim; He hath done whatsoever He hath pleased. 4Their atzabim (idols) are kesef and zahav, the ma'aseh (work) of the hands of adam. 5Peh (mouth) they have, but they speak not; einayim (eyes) have they, but they see not; 6Oznayim (ears) they have, but they hear not; af (nose) have they, but they smell not; 7They have hands, but they handle not; raglayim (feet) have they, but they walk not; neither speak they through their garon (throat). 8They that make them will be like them; so is kol asher bote'ach (every one that trusteth) in them. 9O Yisroel, trust thou in Hashem. He is their ezrah (help) and their mogen. 10O Bais Aharon, trust thou in Hashem; He is their ezrah (help) and their mogen. 11The ones fearing Hashem, trust in Hashem; He is their ezrah (help) and their mogen (shield). 12Hashem hath been mindful of us; Yevarech. Yevarech es Bais Yisroel; Yevarech es Bais Aharon. 13Yevarech Yirei Hashem (He will bless those who fear Hashem), the ketanim with the gedolim. 14May Hashem give you increase, upon you and your banim. 15May a barukhah be upon you by Hashem, Oseh Shomayim va'Aretz (Maker of Heaven and Earth). 16The heavens, even Shomayim, is Hashem's, but HaAretz He gave to the Bnei Adam. 17The mesim (dead ones) praise not Hashem, neither do any that descend into Dumah (the silent [place of Sheol]). 18But we will bless Hashem from this time forth v'ad olam (and to forevermore). Praise Hashem.
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