Tehillim 111
1Praise Hashem. I will praise Hashem with kol levav, in the Sod (company, council) of the Yesharim (upright ones), and in the Edah (assembly). 2The ma'asei Hashem are gedolim, derushim (sought out, pondered) of all them that have delight therein. 3His po'al (deed, work) is glorious and majestic; and His tzedakah (righteousness) endureth forever. 4He hath caused His nifla'ot (wonderful works) to be remembered; Hashem is channun (gracious) and rachum (compassionate). 5He hath given food unto them that fear Him; He will be mindful of His Brit (covenant) l'olam. 6He hath showed His people the ko'ach of His works, that He may give them the nachalat Goyim. 7The works of His hands are emes and mishpat; all His pikkudim (precepts, commands) are ne'emanim (sure, trustworthy ones). 8They stand fast la'ad l'olam (forever and ever), and are done in emes and yashar (uprightness). 9He sent redemption unto His people; He hath ordained His Brit (covenant) l'olam (forever); Kadosh (holy) and Nora (awesome, reverend) is Shmo. 10The fear of Hashem is the reshit chochmah; seichel tov have all they that live by it; His tehillah (praise) endureth forever.
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