Tehillim 105
1O give thanks unto Hashem; call upon Shmo; make known His deeds among the amim. 2Sing unto Him, sing praise unto Him; talk ye of all His nifle'ot (wondrous works). 3Glory ye in the Shem Kadosh of Him; let the lev of them that seek Hashem be glad. 4Seek Hashem, and His oz (strength); seek His face tamid. 5Remember His nifla'ot (marvellous works) that He hath done; His mofetim (wonders), and the mishpatim of His mouth; 6O ye zera Avraham His eved, ye Bnei Ya'akov His Bechirim (chosen ones). 7He is Hashem Eloheinu; His mishpatim are in kol ha'aretz. 8He hath remembered His Brit l'olam, the Dvar which He commanded to an elef dor (a thousand generations) 9Which Brit He made with Avraham, and His shevu'ah (oath) unto Yitzchak; 10And confirmed the same unto Ya'akov for a chok (decree), and to Yisroel as Brit Olam; 11Saying, Unto thee will I give Eretz Kena'an, the chevel (lot, portion) of your nachalah. 12When they were but few in mispar (number), very few, and gerim (strangers) in it. 13When they went from one goy (nation) to another, from one mamlachah (kingdom) to am acher (another people); 14He permitted no adam to oppress them; and He reproved melachim for their sakes; 15Saying, Touch not Mine meshichim (anointed ones, My Messianics), and do My nevi'im no harm. 16Moreover He called for a ra'av (famine) upon ha'aretz; He broke the kol matteh (whole staff of, all supply of) lechem. 17He sent an ish before them, even Yosef, who was sold as an eved (slave); 18Whose regel they hurt with the kevel (shackle); his nefesh was laid in barzel; 19Until the time that his dvar (prophecy, word) came to pass; the Imrat Hashem (revelation, word of G-d, i.e., revelation of that which set forth saving promises) had tested him. 20The Melech sent and released him, the Moshel Amim, and set him free. 21He made him adon of his bais, and moshel of all his possessions; 22To bind [in prison] his sarim (princes) at his pleasure; and teach his zekenim chochmah. 23Yisroel also came into Mitzrayim; thus Ya'akov sojourned in Eretz Cham. 24And He increased Amo (His people) greatly; and made them stronger than their enemies. 25He turned their lev to hate Amo, to deal cunningly with His avadim. 26He sent Moshe His Eved; and Aharon whom He had chosen. 27They showed His Otot (signs) among them, and mofetim (wonders) in Eretz Cham. 28He sent choshech, and made it dark; and they rebelled not against His Devar. 29He turned their mayim into dahm, and made their dag (fish) die. 30Their land brought forth tzfarde'im (frogs) in abundance, even in the chadarim (rooms) of their melachim. 31He spoke, and there came arov (flies), and kinim (lice) in all their territory. 32He gave them barad (hail) for geshem (rain), and eish of lightning in their land. 33He struck down their gefen also and their te'enah (fig tree); and broke the trees of their territory. 34He spoke, and the arbeh (locusts) came, and grasshoppers, and that without number, 35And did eat up all the esev (herbs) in their land, and devoured their p'ri adamah (fruit of the ground). 36He struck down also kol bechor in their land, the reshit (firstfruit) of all their strength. 37He brought them forth also with kesef and zahav; and there was not one stumbling among His Shvatim (tribes). 38Mitzrayim was glad when they departed; for the pachad (terror, dread) of them had fallen upon them. 39He spread an anan for a curtain; and eish to give light in the lailah. 40The people asked, and He brought slav (quails), and satisfied them with the lechem Shomayim. 41He opened the Tzur, and the mayim gushed out; it ran in the dry places like a nahar. 42For He remembered His Davar Kadosh, and Avraham His eved. 43And He brought forth His people with sasson, and His chosen with joyful shouts; 44And gave them the lands of the Goyim; and they inherited the amal (labor, toil) of the amim; 45That they might be shomer over His chukkot, and observe His torot (laws). Praise Hashem.
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