Mattityahu 6
1Be careful that you don't practice your tzedakah (charity giving) before Bnei Adam in order to varf (show off, flaunt) to be seen by Bnei Adam; for then you have no sachar (reward) with your Av shbaShomayim. 2Therefore, whenever you contribute tzedakah, don't blow the shofar before you, as the tzevuim (hypocrites) do in the shuls and in the streets, in order that they may receive kavod (glory) from Bnei Adam. Omein, truly I say to you, they have their sachar (reward). 3But when you contribute tzedakah, do not let your left hand have da'as (knowledge) of what your right hand is doing, 4so that your tzedakah may be nistar (hidden, in secret), and your Av HaRoeh b'seter (Father, the One seeing in secret) [His] sachar (reward) will give you. 5And whenever you daven (pray), do not be as the tzevuim (hypocrites); for they love to stand and daven in the shuls and on the street corners so that they may be seen by an audience. Omein, truly I say to you, they have their sachar. 6But you, whenever you daven, enter into the secret place, your secret cheder, and, having shut your door, offer tefillos to your Av Asher bSeter (Father Who is in Secret), and your Av haRoeh b'seter (Father the One seeing in secret) [His] sachar will give you. 7But when you daven, do not babble on and on maarich (extended, long winded) and vacuously and without kavvanah (heartfelt direction, intention) like the Goyim. For the Goyim think that in their verbosity their techinnah will be heard. 8Therefore, nisht azoi (not so)! Be different, for your Av has daas (knowledge) of what things you have need before you ask Him. 9Therefore, when you offer tefillos, daven like this, in this manner: Avinu shbaShomayim (Our Father in heaven), yitkadash shmecha (hallowed be your Name). 10Tavo malchutechah (Thy Kingdom come) Ye'aseh rtzonechah (Thy will be done) kmoh vaShomayim ken baaretz (on earth as it is in heaven). 11Es lechem chukeinu ten lanu hayom (Give us today our daily bread), 12u-slach lanu es chovoteinu kaasher salachnu (and forgive us our debts as we forgive) gam anachnu lachayaveinu (also our debtors). 13V'al tvi'einu lidey nisayon (And lead us not into temptation [Mt 26:41]) ki im chaltzeinu min harah (but deliver us from evil). [Ki l'chah hamamlachah (for thine is the Kingdom) vhagvurah (and the power) vhatiferet (and the glory) l'olmei olamim (forever). Omein]. 14For if you give men mechila (pardon, forgiveness) for their chattaim (sins), so also your Av shbaShomayim will give selicha (forgiveness) to you. 15But if you do not give men mechila (forgiveness), neither will your chattaim receive selicha from your Av. 16And whenever you undergo a tzom (fast), don't be like the sullen tzevuim (hypocrites), for they disfigure their faces to parade their tzom (fast). Omein, truly I say to you, they have received their sachar (reward). 17But when you undergo a tzom, anoint your rosh with shemen (oil) and wash your face 18so that your tzom is concealed from Bnei Adam but not from your Av Asher b'Seter (Father Who is in Secret). And your Av HaRoeh b'seter (Father the One seeing in secret) will give you sachar. 19Do not store up for yourselves otzarot (treasures) on haaretz, where moth and rust destroy and where ganavim (thieves) break in and steal. 20But zamlet (collect) for yourselves otzarot (treasures) in Shomayim, where neither moth nor rust destroys, neither do ganavim break in and steal. 21For where your otzar (treasure) is, there also will be your lev (heart). 22The eye is the menorah of the basar. Therefore, if your eye is unblurred, then your whole basar will be lighted. 23But if yours is the ayin horo (evil eye), your whole basar will be in choshech (darkness). 24No one is able to serve two adonim (masters). For either he will have sinah (hatred) for the one and ahavah (love) for the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve Hashem and Mammon (Money). 25Therefore, I say to you, Do not have a LEV ROGEZ (anxious heart, [DEVARIM 28:65]) about your life, what you might wear or what you might drink, nor for your basar, what you might put on. Is not life more than okhel (food) and basar more than malbush (clothing)? 26Look to the OPH HASHOMAYIM (birds of heaven, IYOV 35:11), for they do not sow nor reap nor gather into storehouses, and your Av shbaShomayim feeds them. Are you yourselves not worth more than they? 27And who among you by a LEV ROGEZ (DEVARIM 28:65) is able to add to his life span one cubit? 28And why have a LEV ROGEZ (anxious heart) about malbush (clothing)? Observe the lilies of the field, how they grow. They do not labor nor spin. 29But I say to you that not even Shlomo HaMelech in all his kavod (glory) was clothed as one of these. 30And if Hashem thus clothes the grass of the field that exists today and tomorrow is thrown into a furnace, how much more will he clothe you, you ones of little emunah? 31Therefore, do not have a LEV ROGEZ (DEVARIM 28:65), saying, What might we eat? or What might we drink? or With what might we clothe ourselves? 32For all these things the Goyim strive. For your Av shbaShomayim bavorn (anticipates) that you need all these things. 33But seek first the Malchut Hashem and the Tzidkat Hashem, and all these things will be added to you. 34Therefore, do not have a LEV ROGEZ (DEVARIM 28:65) for tomorrow, for makhar (tomorrow) will care for itself. Each day has enough tzoros of its own.
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